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Although next week I will be having a double mastectomy and implants doue to braca 1  today I found out my CA125 is 2.2 so although I am supposed to see the doc tomorrow I cancelled so I could get my hair cut before my surgery next week.  I think we all have to have priorities and mine is to look good after surgery - heck I am not sure what my body will look like.  Always important to be vain at times, especially after all we go through with this ugley disease.  So I am now 2 years and 5 months out form surgery and fighting hard.  good evening to all
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Congratulations on the CA125 results.  I entirely agree with the haircut.  You'll feel better if you look better.  (I find also that I think and feel better when I can see -- never like it when they take my glasses away in the OR.)  

I'm sure you're doing the right thing, and I wish you a smooth operation and a fast recovery!  
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YOU GO GIRL!!  Great news on the #'s.  Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for your surgery.  JUdy
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That is wonderful news on the CA.  Good for you...you get a gorgeous haircut and I hope you get a mani and pedi, too.  

Prayers for a safe surgery and fast recovery.
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I will be thinking of you next week when you have your surgery.  I know it may be awhile before you feel like posting, but please let us know how you're doing when you can.  You are soooo right...it is important to do the things that make you feel good.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend pampering yourself.  I'm with cirella - go for the mani and pedi, too!  

Sending lots of good wishes to you for a successful surgery.

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Your attitude is refreshing!  Every once in awhile we are wise to pamper ourselves.....not only do we deserve it but it is uplifting emotionally, physically and spiritually.....go for it kid!  
I do wish you didn't have to do this......I know it's got to be tough.  I know it doesn't help or matter that all this is totally unfair..... life is unfair....but this is way unfair.  NO FAIR!  
My heart and thoughts are with you....this is a tough road.....you will be in my heart and thoughts way past next week.  Hang in there....try to maintain your determined attitude, and please do come back here when you are ready......even when things get tough.
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