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Any advice?

I lost a baby and, despite asking for medical assistance, I carried my baby (despite the scan confirming my much-wanted baby had no heartbeat) until two months before it was born and continued to bleed for 15 weeks afterwards.  As my tummy has not been 'right' since, my dr felt it MAY be 'irritable bowel' but, on looking more closely at the symptoms, I found the symptoms are similar to 'ovarian cancer'. Wanted to 'rule out' ovarian cancer so I asked the dr to refer me to a gyn........especially as my tummy symptoms are getting worse......

Went for the gyn appt today but quite worried..................... what do you think about this.........
When I went in, the consultant was there with another 'man' - when I asked this 'man' if he was a 'medical student' (as I didn't really want another person present, the consultant told me the 'man' was his 'registrar' and that he was 'helping him today' (why would he 'need' any help??).  Ok, so I'm in a vulnerable position and the 'registrar' starts to do an internal scan .............. then he seems to be having some problem............. the consultant is standing behind him, looking at the screen, and starts frowning (abit worrying at the time).  The 'nurse' beside me then starts asking me trivia (to take my attention away from what's going on....).  The registrar then states that he 'can't find my second ovary' !! So I said 'I had a 2nd ovary last time'.  The registrar then swops places with the consultant to try to find my 2nd ovary.............. and even HE has a problem.  The nurse then starts talking trivia again (which was really getting irritating).  Then (out of frustration that I wasn't being told anything) I stated 'bit of a worry you're taking turns'!  The consultant then presses numerous buttons on the monitor and has some obvious problem and asks how to get the image 'the right way up - not upside down'??!  (Bit worrying that he should have any problem with the monitor) He then starts pushing my tummy...... and, some time later, I was told he'd found my 2nd ovary but it had apparently been 'difficult to find' (it's been in exactly the same same place for years!!).  When I asked what the problem was, he just said 'bowel wind' and ''tubes' were 'blocking the view'!!  I then got changed and the consultant casually advised that the scan showed 'normal' ovaries .... and he caually said that this was 'just like last time'!!  He said that there were no 'cysts' on the ovaries.  When I advised him that he had seen 'cysts' on my ovaries when he did the scan before, (although he hadn't included these cysts in his letter to the dr) - he just casually said 'there are no cysts now'. (do 'cysts' appear and then disappear easilly?)

He seemed to 'find everything' easily enough last time....................

I feel that the difficulty even 'finding' my 2nd ovary was a worry.  I asked for a copy of his letter (like I did last time).  Even though he had some difficulty working the scan computer - and finding an ovary - his attitude was as if he considered I was 'fussing about nothing'.  Don't really know what to think - shouldn't be that hard to find an ovary should it??..... you'd think they'd know EXACTLY where to find it.... and 'bowel wind' wouldn't show up on an internal scan - or 'block' the view of an image' - would it?.......... surely internal 'tubes' don't usually 'get in the way' - they never have before!! I've already previously complained about another arrogant consultant at this hospital after his terminology and his uncaring attitude during my 4th scan was unacceptable (and I already know medical people 'cover-up for each other).  Don't really know what to think but he didn't inspire me with confidence at all.................... and I know they make mistakes....................
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These guys definitely don't sound very professional!  I know that some of the ladies have had issues with their scans in finding ovaries and sometimes it has meant that there is a cyst or a fibroid blocking it.  Did they only do an abdominal scan or did you have a transvaginal?  You really need a transvaginal to get a proper view of the reproductive area.
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I agree with TrudieC , very unprofessional!
When i went in for two transvaginal ultrasounds they couldnt locate my right ovary at all.The  tech and the Dr  both told me its common for an ovary  to "hide" or be "hidden" at times. They didnt seem concerned about it at all , nor was my obgyn when I asked her.When I had my cyst and left ovary removed my surgeon was able to see the right ovary and told me it was healthy and cyst free.

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Thank you............. I didn't think it was very professional at the time either.

They did a scan (like when you have a baby) but used an 'internal' device that showed images on the monitor - was that a transvaginal ultrasound??  This is the 3rd 'internal' scan I've ever had - and there were no obvious difficulties in finding either of my ovaries at all before - although 'cysts' were identified on the last occasion.

I've already been diagnosed with 'irritable bowel' although I've had no medical assistance for it at all (drs only told me that there's 'nothing they can do for IB - and there's no
'test' to confirm IB either - so there's some 'doubt' then!!).  As my tummy's still not 'right' after the events of loosing my baby - I just want to 'cancel out' anything sinister - if that's possible.  I'm now aware that the symptoms of IB are similiar to 'ovarian cancer' and I'm not sure why it's proving so hard to find out what the problem is.

I'm not a hypercondriac (like drs are implying) - I know my body - and I don't eat enough to feed a mouse - yet I'm putting on weight......and feel 'uncomfortably full' all the time.

Not convinced by the gyn - or his registrar - and I know drs make mistakes ..........
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