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2 years ago today - laparotomy

January 16, 2009, at the crack of dawn my husband drove me to the hospital. The outdoor temperature was 3 degrees. The Bishop of Nashville held a mass for me. Two priests met with me before surgery and gave me the sacrament of annointing of the sick/ last rites. I was terrified and uncertain I would survive or be cancer free.

I survived. It was benign. I recovered. I lost my job. I joined MedHelp to give support to others. I needed to feel useful again after being discarded by people I trusted.

I never under-estimate what you all are feeling when you get diagnosed with a cyst and need surgery. I went through it myself. It was a life changing event.

I am crying. Must hug my dog now. He understands.
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WOW.  I'm so glad that all turned out well for you.  You have been such an awesome help on here and we all thank you for your kindness, support and advice.  I know how scary that experience was for you.  Thanks for all you do!!

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What a blessing you are and have been to the forum!  It is through the trials in this life that we grow stronger.   Thanks for sharing and congrats on two years of renewed health! :)


P.S.  Aren't dogs the best?  !!! :)
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Well said Michelle.  My Dog understands too x
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