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56 year old with 2.3 cm complex cyst

56 yr old & post menopausal. A  complex cyst was found within my right ovary via ultrasound.  Report reads:  "Within the right ovary there is a complex cyst structure which measures 2.3 cm x 2 cm x 1.8 cm.  This has a 1 cm mural nodule that appears solid and contains vascularity by dopler assessment."

Dr wants to remove and  biopsy of the right ovary and do a total hysterectomy if the pathology comes back as a granulosa.  This doesn't sit right with me.  What are reasonable options?
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Additional information:  
The Ultrasound was done due to post menopausal bleeding.  
I started HRT at 49 when my estrogen level was 28 and I had only had 3 periods over the prior year.  Once I initiated the HRT I began getting my period again, though much lighter than when I was younger.  Had a transvaginal ultrasound that found no issues.  Continued to have the period/spotting and had another TVUS at 54 with no issues found.  About a year and half later noticed the bleeding was heavier and coming more ofter, though still cyclical - almost as if I was still in peri and had irregular periods.  Went to gyno and had another TVUS.  This time it showed the complex cyst.

I have never had an abnormal pap, don't have endometriosis, and have had no fibroids.

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