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6 inch cyst in pelvic area

Hi there,

I just found out that I have a 6 inch cyst in my pelvic area but my doctor said that she doesn't know where it is coming from due to its size.  I'm a bit terrified about this news.  I'm 27 and I would like to know if there is still a possibility for me to conceive.  I have been thinking the worst about it and I am scared that my uterus or ovaries have been damaged.  Any comments or advise will be greatly appreciated.
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Doctors rarely use inches in measuring cysts and use centimeters instead.  Are you sure it is 6 inches and not 6 cm?  There's a big difference with 6 cm being much smaller than 6 inches.

What tests were performed?  Ultrasound?  Transvaginal ultrasound?  Is it a single chamber cyst or complex, does it look mainly fluid filled or does it appear to have solid features?

Was it a gynecologist that told you about this cyst or another specialty?

Usually gynecologists can give much better information than what you described.  Cysts can damage/destroy an ovary if they surround it.  Many times cysts can be removed via surgery with no damage to the parts you want to keep.  But if one ovary is lost, the other one will take over for both.  I have not heard of cysts damaging a uterus.  Endo and fibroids, if very serious, could require removal of the uterus.  Otherwise, many conditions just require monitoring via follow up doctor visits.

It is important that they figure out if this is a cyst from a ovary, or a cyst that is really from endometriosis, or if it is something else like fibroids.  The location of the cyst, what it may be attached to, and its type make a lot of difference in how a doctor wants to treat it.  All of these conditions can be benign in nature but larger growths are frequently the ones a doctor wants to remove surgically.

You need more answers from your doctor.  Seek those answers.  If the doctor is not a gynecologist, then you need to be seeing one.
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Thanks for your reply.

The cyst is actually 11  x 13 cm.  It was found during a pelvic ultrasound.  The doctor didn't tell me where it is.  I was referred to a gynecologist and will be seing the doctor tomorrow.

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