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A Little Christmas Fun

Ok Ladies, I thought it would be a lot of fun to share what we are all doing for Christmas this year, and tell your favorite Christmas tradition that your family does.
We (my hubby and kids) are opening presents tonight (1 :-) and the rest tomorrow morning.  Then we will be traveling to Illinois to spend the next week with my family.  We are all going to spend Christmas Eve night at my sisters house, after attending Christmas Eve services.  .  That way we can all be there when the kids open their presents.  Then my other sister form MO and her family will be coming to my parents house next Thursday to spend the New Years together.  We will have game night at my parents church and then pray in the New Year.  It is really awesome.

My favorite tradition that we started a few years back is reading about the birth of Jesus before we open presents.  It just makes Christmas that much more special and the kids are learning from an early age that the most important thing is not getting presents, but Jesus.  

Please share your Christmas plans with us.  It will be nice to talk about something pleasant for a change.  LOL

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
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For our Christmas are getting our family pictures take on Christmas Eve morning then go to christmas services that night . My husband and I will spend that night wrapping and putting all the presents under the tree. When the kids wake up Christmas Day we will open our gifts and then get ready and go to my in laws. When we get there we will eat brunch and open gifts and take pictures.

Then my family wont be getting together until Jan 2nd, I have a large family I am the youngest of eight so none of our houses are large enought, we rent a cabin a huge cabin for holidays it has several bathrooms, and a full size kitchen and tables and chairs, two fire places and there is a ton of room. So its very nice and its fairly cheap to rent too. Its alot better than crowding in someones small house.
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What a fun idea!   I am too late since Christmas has already passed.  My mom is in the hospital and very illl.  It is the first Christmas where our "traditions" have been broken.  I am so thankful for all the years of great times we shared.  Enjoy every day you have with the ones that you love!  :)

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