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Could discomfort under rib cage be from ovarian cyst?

Hello all! I am 31 and have history of complex ovarian cysts that have all resolved on their own. Last month I had another cyst that ruptured as well as an ectopic pregnancy. I am almost certain I had another this cycle, aching on left ovary and feeling of pressure on the bladder, now I am having constant discomfort under my right rib cage, almost feels like a gas bubble trapped. I have felt this previously after having an ovarian cyst but never correlated them together and have been told the latter is just “Ibs”. Anyone else have a similar experience of symptoms? Think they could be related? Thanks for feedback!
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It would not seem typical to have pain that high up from a cyst. But one can have referred pain such that the pain is in a different place than the source / cyst. Hopefully, it will resolve.
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