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Did my gynea misdiagnose/incorrectly medicate me for a ruptured ovarian cyst?

Hi ladies,

I am new to this and this health experience is a first for me. I am 26 and have a IUD in for 5 years.

I came off my last period normally, and then a week later I started bleeding again. But this was not the typical dark red/ red period blood I am used to. This was flowing brown blood. This bleeding continued for 3 weeks straight, and I was very concerned that maybe my IUD had shifted causing the bleeding. I have experienced a heavy flow of bleeding for the entirety of those three weeks with no end in site.

I visited my Gyneacologist. The ultrasound showed that my IUD is perfectly in place and is not in need of removal and reapplication. But the scan also showed a white 3cm mass on my right ovary.

The doctor called this a haemorhhagic cyst that had ruptured which explains the immense bleeding. At the time of my appointment the doctor believed that on top of the irregular bleeding, my period had now, also started (since I last had it 4 weeks ago).

I wasn’t really given much light on what a ruptured ovarian cysts meant. But bloods were done and cancer/tumor markers have since been ruled out.  

I was put on birth control because aapoarently the hormonal properties in them will shrink the cyst. All good and well, but will this stop the bleeding?

She called me in the very next day to take a scab because there were signs of irregular cells in my cervix. These results I will only get back next year as the doctor is now on vacation.

Tips: I do experience dull pelvic pain, pains that almost mimic period pains, dull aching in my lower left and right back, lethargy, excess loss of blood.

No suggestion from my gynea to operate, to shrink, to cuarterize the cyst or anything further.

So my major questions are:
1) how long should I expect to bleed for from this ruptured cyst?
2) is prescribing (only) birth control pills accurate enough to solve my problem?
3) do you think the irregular cells that I am waiting to be confirmed, can be lelated to this ruptured cyst?

Should I seek second opinions? I would assume I should be in hospital as I do loose liters of blood everyday.

Any help would be great!

Love, my poor ovary
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I have heard mixed information on birth control pills having an effect on cysts - shrinking them and preventing them from recurring. Since your cyst has ruptured, there should be no need for surgery. If it had not ruptured, it likely would have gone away on its own as most cysts do.

Birth control pills especially a progestin-only pill or progesterone such as Prometrium are often prescribed to stop bleeding. There are non-hormonal options too such as NSAID's (e.g. Aleve) or prescription tranexamic acid (brand name Lysteda in the U.S.).

Did they check for iron deficiency anemia when they did blood work? You may need to take an iron supplement. Taking vitamin C alone or with an iron supplement helps you better absorb iron (fro
m food or supplements).

Using ice packs on your abdomen for 20 minutes several times a day is supposed to help too.

Hopefully, the pap smear will come out fine or at least nothing serious. Things other than abnormal cells can cause abnormal pap results. Let us know what you find out.
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