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Does anybody have kidney disorders (such as MSK) along with their ovarian cyst and or ov. cyst histories? .....

I have MSK which is Medullary Sponge Kidney and many times the question comes up if there is a corellation between MSK and Ovarian Cysts.  Same holds true with thyroid patients ... many ask oftentimes if there is an association between Ovarian Cysts and Thyroid conditions.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?   I am CL of the Thyroid Disorders and post on the new MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney) Community .. it is a disorder of the kidneys where one is predisposed to form kidney stones so deep within the kidney that they really never pass out and create pain/problems/infections along the way and many people it seems have ovarian cysts, too .. such as my history reveals.

Also, on the Thyroid Disorders this ? comes up alot regarding ovarian cysts and thyroid conditions?

Thanks .. this is a great new community!!!

Cheryl (history of benign Ovarian Cysts which are fully resolved and no more have occured in past 2yrs)
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Hello, I understand this was posted a while ago, but I was wondering if you ever figured out anything.  I have 2 ovarian cysts (at the moment) and kidney stones (mine, too, stay in the kidney!) and i get very very sick and the pain gets so bad sometimes that all i want to do is sleep to pass the time, but sometimes i can't even sleep. the pain is the worst before menstruation.  i'm 15 so it's hard to deal with the pain when i'm trying to do well in school.
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I know we did a survey a while ago and hypothyroidism definitely has a corelation.  This is very interesting about the kidney stones.
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I have suffered with MSK all my life and I have not got Cysts but Fibroids I also have a small fibriod in one of my breasts.. I dont know if it is connected but I was recently diagnosed with Gallstones and my DR reckons this is connected he said once you get stones you can get them anywhere... I really dont know how true this is.
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I have recourring ovarian cysts....and today as a matter of fact, while getting yet another pv u/s...I was told by the doctor that while in utero, your ovaries and kidneys form at the same time. Therefor any issues, risks, medical conditionc relating to your ovaries....may also affect your kidneys and vice versa! It took me 6 long years to finally get an answer to why they checked my kidneys when I was going for my ovary to be checked! Hope it helped...
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