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Follicles in Ovaries can cause Pimples and Hair Loss?

My PCOD problem is resolved.
Now there are multiple follicles in Left and right Ovary.
The pattern of follicles is not of typical PCOD problem.
But still i get pimples and Hairloss,which was my sympton during PCOD.

So these follicles could be the reason for that?

Please advise.

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They say hair loss is associated just wtih PCOS, but I had a single large cyst and I experienced hair loss.  I could be a case study for this, perhaps.

Now that the cyst is gone, my hair is making a slow comeback.  No longer losing massive amounts after a shampoo and comb-out and new growth is appearing.  I just hope it all returns, or at least enough that I don't feel robbed by what that cyst did to me.
But I should probably thank the hair loss for getting me worried enough that I started going to doctors.
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Hi Ida,

Yeah I had that problem.It wasn't that severe.But I suffered from hairloss and pimples and mood swings.
I underwent Homeopathy treatment.Just we have to take pills twice in a day.With in 5 months,it was cured.After 5 months my ultrasound report was ok,with only small follicles in the ovaries.
If you know about yoga,its the best.

There is no need for any mmedication also.it can be cured with that only.But it should be learn under some guidance.

I used to take one powder daily in the morning for PCOS with lukewarm water.
Fenugreek Seeds + Flaxseeds
Ratio for Flaxseeds and Fenugreek seeds = 3:1
You can have 2 tablespoons of that powder daily empty stomach.I will do wonders(Trust me!!) and no side effects also.
And Homeopathy treatment also has no side effects as compared to other medicienes

Let me know,if i can help you more in that .

Cheers !!
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Hey There,
I am sorry  to ask, you had PCOS before?
When was it? Did you have your surgery done? Pain? How big is it?
I am new in this PCOS. That's the reason i would like to know more for it.
My apology once again if my way is being rude to you.
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