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Has anyone ever had a dermoid cyst occur again after laparotomy removal?

I had bilateral dermoid cyst removed via laparotomy when I was 24...very large cyst described as grapefruit & softball size (I got pregnant very easily just a few months later)!    Now 13 years later I have what they said is another 4cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary.   I have laparoscopic surgery scheduled to remove the cyst.   I'm  curious to if others have have had dermoid cysts come back after laparotomy AND has anyone had laparoscopic surgery after laparotomy and scar tissue been an issue?    Thank you in advance!!!  
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I am sorry you're going through this. I cannot speak to having two surgeries for cysts. Are they sure it's a dermoid cyst? Imaging is not exact so they oftentimes cannot be sure of the type of cyst. For instance, what is thought to be a dermoid cyst could be hemorrhagic or endometrioma. Typically, the "standard" is to monitor via periodic ultrasounds. If the cyst doesn't resolve and gets over 7cm or so then surgery would be the next step.

If you do end up having surgery, you will want to make sure the consent form states that only the cyst can be removed and not the ovary. Many women come out of surgery missing an ovary or ovaries for benign cysts. We need both our ovaries, uterus and tubes our whole lives for good health and well-being. Yet, hysterectomy and oophorectomy are two of the top overused surgeries.

I hope this helps!
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Thank you for your reply.  I had surgery yesterday (laparoscopic) and Dr was able to just remove the dermiod cyst and save my ovary.   Much easier recovery this time vs the first time when I had open surgery.    
So glad to hear surgery went well and the cyst was all that was removed.
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