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Help! Ovarian cyst or gall bladder pain? Surgery in a week.

I'm probably overworrying but here's my issue:

I've had  a confirmed 5-6 cm right ovarian cyst for over 2 years and at least 9 months with definite pain and symptoms.  Surgery is finally scheduled for next week.  

In the last month or two pain has spread to my upper right abdomen (while still painful in lower abdomen, hip and lower back).  I've been assuming that this is just the cyst continuing to grow and/or irritate surrounding tissues.

I've recently learned that gall bladder/gall stones cause some of the same symptoms.  

Here's my questions:
1.  Would my previous sonogram for cysts indicated if I had gall stones too?  
2.  I have a 2nd sonogram on Monday-should I ask them to sneak a peak up higher?
3.  How common is it to have referred pain from cysts into upper abdomen?  Am I just worrying too much??

Thanks for any help!
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hi  i was first reffered for gall badder  and stones had the operation and 3 months later was rushed to [email protected] with suspected appendics that turned out to be a dermoid cyst that i dident know i had and wasent picked up on ,i did often wonder is it connected
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Hi - during testing phase for my cysts, they discovered gall stones when I had an MRI but they weren't discovered in Sonogram I initially had.  For whatever reason the MRI revealed them.  I believe the MRI shows more tissue that the sonogram may not always reveal. I would tell them your concern to look higher, certainly wouldn't hurt. Your pain sounds lik mine, I had a grapefruite sized one and the larger it grew the more pain I felt just as you described. I think that is the cause of your upper pain.  Your worry is normal, I was exactly the same.  Hope this helps. ;-)

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ska4life- do you think the gall bladder diagnosis was wrong and it was really the cyst causing all the symptoms?

Mellie-did you have your gall bladder removed also?  or was most the pain from the cyst?

I guess I'm hoping to hear that all my symptoms are directly linked to my cyst and after this surgery I'll be pain free (lol!)

thanks for your help...good to know i'm not crazy!
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It is probably just the cyst causing symptoms. I know two people that recently experienced gall bladder attacks and they were so bad they nearly resembled heart attacks. Certainly cysts cause strange referred pain, too. I had some upper ab pain when I had a 10 cm cyst as well as leg and back pain. And I could double over in pain after eating. You would think that is a digestive problem, but it was the cyst pressing on everything. All the symptoms ended when the cyst was removed.
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Thanks for the help everyone---MarieMichele, I hope my experience works out the same as yours!
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Best wishes on your surgery. Write back when you can and let us know how you are feeling afterwards....hopefully a lot better!
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I had my gallbladder out four years ago now have two large dermoid cysts which are being removed next week ,. Have been suffering bad back pain and fatigue for some time . So maybe that was the pain ,Evan though my gall stones were rather large also ! Who knows .
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