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Home from hospital

I came home from  the hospital last night.  I am still not feeling very well at all.  Every time I eat, I feel sick to my stomach and I am struggling with keeping my sugar under control.  I will try to be on more often now, but I am just not feeling up to being online yet.  Hope you are all well.
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please dont be worrying about anyone else you have to put yourself first now for your recoverey lots of rest now hope you start to feel good soon x
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No need to worry about here.  You need lots of rest.  Right now it's all about you.
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Take care of yourself . . . get lots of rest . . . feel better soon . . .DON'T WORRY ABOUT US! :))
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I agree with all of the above. You need your rest, let your body heal. You know where to find us when you feel up for a chat. We won't forget you.

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Take care of yourself, as said before, you have to look to number one, and that is you.  Hope you are feeling so much better in the days to come.

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Hope you feel better quickly. I am sending good thoughts your way....post when you feel up to it. Take care....
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hi honey hope your surgery went well and even though you're not feeling well you are hanging in there. Just try and get loads of rest and come back when you're ready. My prayers are with you and i know in no time you'l be back.just wanted to show you the love you showed me back in april. all the best and get well soon.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Get plenty of rest the forum will still be here when you are feeling up to it. Take care and do as you are told (rest) x
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Hope you get better soon. Rest and take care of yourself, we will all be here if you need us. I will always be grateful for you and your posts, and my prayers are with you.
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hope you get better soon you will begin to feel better as you heal . just try to relax and focus on yourself as your number one priority to recover, all my best wishes and prayers are with you . try to rest xoxo
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Best wishes to you on your full recovery!  I remember well the process and I was not ready to do much of anything for a few weeks.  I did not become active on this board until a few weeks after after discharge from the hospital.
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Kasie,  Hope you are doing better now.  I just flew back from California yesterday and physically, I am feeling fine, but I am having my highs and lows emotionally (medically induced menopause).  Take care and get better soon.  Love, Gina
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i hope you feel better.. i havent been online much either. i've been up nd oout the house trying to stay active because i've gained about 20 pounds and its taking its toll. i hope you'll feel much better soon lots of love and prayers to you.
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