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I'm sooooo scared of surgery tomorrow

Going to have laparoscopic outpatient surgery to remove a 14 cm cyst on my right ovary tomorrow. I'm so scared of everything.  I haven't been able to eat normally or sleep well, and I  just burst into tears randomly. :(
Last time I had surgery was on my eyes and it was about 18 years ago.  They had a hard time waking me up afterwards and I was very nauseous and threw up when they did. :(  
Mostly I'm just terrified of the whole pre-op procedure. Just even walking into the hospital and checking in is terrifying. I know once I'm asleep I know nothing and they wake me up and it's over, but all the stuff they must be doing while I'm asleep is so scary! And the breathing tube down the throat? So scary!!

Not sure I can use the word "scary" enough times in this post to express my fear.  And yes, I'm on an anti-anxiety med already.
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I know I can't help you out with this one, but I had a 15cm teratoma removed from my right ovary last week (the left one was removed this time last year due to a 17cm one). Just breath and ask the doctors and nurses for what you need I was so scared going in again because the pain was bad last time, but communication was key, this time I made a point of speaking to the nurses and just telling the anaesthetist about my fears before hand calmed me down and he managed my pain really well. It will be over before you know it. Good luck, just breath, you got this! Sending you good thoughts :)
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I just want to say i just had  laparoscopic outpatient surgery to remove an 7-9 cm cyst on my left ovary 2 weeks ago. At first i was scared because they told me that they would had to remove my ovary and all, if they cant get the cyst.I looked at Tutorial on how the procedure was doing. Until i joined this group and one lady said just think positive and the day of the surgery i went in with great spirits, had my mother in law and grandmother in law with me. Was joking about how i felt like i was in a episode of Grey's Anatomy with the anesthetist team. Woke up feeling sore. but the next 3-4 days i was starting to feel better. Send you only good thoughts and prayers. Everything will be alright
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Survived surgery. Thank you for nice comments to help me. :)

Getting ready to take first Percacet but nervous about side effects.  Any tips on how it is when you take it?
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Glad to hear surgery went well! I hope recovery goes well too! Don't overdo it.
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