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Just found out i have a rather large complex ovarian cyst with lots of bubbles.

Hello, sorry to throw a pitty party but i am super concerned. I had been having some troubles with diarea and loss of appetite for a little over a month now, and then started to get some pretty even lower back pain the moved into my pelvis. The pain got so bad last night that i went to the er and they told me after an ultrasound that i have a complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary about the size of a thumb, with lots of bubbles. When i asked them if it could be canceous they were very vage. I keep trying to find answers on the internet but the information keeps telling me its malignant. I am a 23 year old woman with two kids,please someone give me some clarity as to whats going on with my body
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Ovarian cancer is rare especially in women with no family history. Even complex cysts with some suspicious traits are rarely cancer. Hopefully, that will put your mind at ease. How many mm or cm is your cyst? Your ultrasound report should specify the size. I had a 9.5cm ovarian cyst that had some suspicious traits and was benign (non-cancerous) but my organs were removed anyway. I am suffering all the nasty effects. My gyn should have removed JUST the cyst (cystectomy) and left all my organs intact.
they told me it was the size of a thumb, with lots of bubbles. I ended up in the er again later that weekend because it burst. The pain was so excruciating. I now have pain in my chest/ lung area and i dont know if its related or not. Im hoping its just a stress reaction. Thank you for your input that does put me at ease a bit.
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I've heard that ruptured cysts can be quite painful and that pain sometimes lingers for awhile. There is also risk of infection. Hopefully, this will all soon be behind you!
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