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Hi all

I've got my keyhole surgery Wedesday and ablation I'm so nervous. Any helpful words will help my jitters please:-)

I had a horrendous period so I know this will be much better for me with pain from both cysts I'm just in the nervous place.

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It's understandable to be nervous before surgery, I think you will be fine.  I've had this surgery twice.  Things to expect afterwards are bleeding and cramping.  They fill your abdomen with gas and sometimes it can cause pain up into your shoulders and you will most likely feel bloated and have a tender tummy. Make sure to take it easy for a few days. Sometimes a heating pad helps afterwards. Best of luck to you!!
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To me it sounds as though it is possible that you have Endometriosis.

The surgery they will do will depend on what they find. If it is just cysts to be removed then you should be back to work in less than 2 weeks.

If you have Endometriosis it could take longer depending on what they do.

Don't be nervous I have had 2 of these surgeries done before and my recent one was in Feb.

One thing to remember. Bring a pillow with you for the ride home so the bumps do cause pain to the incisions. Bring mints for the pastiness you might get from the anesthetic.  The first week you will most likely feel gas pain up to your chest and shoulders that will subside my the end of the week. Prepare to rest for at least a week so have food premade or have things that are simple to prepare, have DVD's, books and magazine close by so you can relax and recover. Do not over exert yourself as you may feel good overall after the first week or 2 but your insides take time to heal.

Good luck and let me know how it goes :)  
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How did it go? I hope recovery is going smoothly. My op is scheduled for 5th July and I'm petrified :(
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