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Laparoscopy for 14cm Complex Cyst

I am scheduled for surgery Dec 6 to have a 14cm complex cyst removed via laparoscopy if feasible.
Has anyone had a cyst of this size successfully removed laparoscopically?
My GO seemed rather confident, but I have yet to read about anyone avoiding a laparotomy for a cyst larger than 10cm. Just trying to prepare for time off from work and overall recovery expectations.
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My cyst is 10 cm and I am getting it taken out the same way. Please let me know how yours goes.
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My surgery is scheduled for 4:30pm Central time. I'll be sure post as soon as I am able. Let me know how yours goes as well. The next 6 days are really going to drag. I'm getting so anxious for it to be over. Until then, take care! If I don't talk to you before, I hope your surgery goes well!!
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I hope all went well. My surgery is not until January 30th.
Let me know how things were after, so I know what to prepare for!!
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Surgery started as laparoscopy. Surgeon found cyst to be much larger than anticipated with concerns relative to the solid portion, so opened me up (laparotomy). He is now calling the cyst a Low Malignant Potential Tumor. He described it as not completely benign, but not full flown cancer. The tumor, Fallopian tube and ovary were removed. He said uterus and left ovary looked good so left them. He removed the fat pad and some lymph nodes as well and sent to pathology. He explain if there is any cancer spread, these are the most likely places, and states the risk is about 5%. He stated to my family just after surgery, had I been 10-15 years older, this would have been very serious and likely late stage cancer. So, the first 12-24 hours after being removed from the IV were nearly the worst hours I've ever experienced. My abdomen was so sore, was short of breath, nauseous, cold and sweaty. I felt like I constantly had to urinate but couldn't. I prayed the feelings would go away. But, as with everything in life, time heals. Saturday was so much better than Friday. Then Saturday night, I slept several hours at a time and collectively got nearly 8 hours of actual sleep. Saturday, I also started the low residue diet, and had a couple light BMs in eve. Sunday, the surgeon cleared me to go home. It was scary knowing I'd have to adjust and figure things out at home, but also a relief I wouldn't have to try to find comfort one more night in a hospital bed. I've been home less than 24 hours and pretty well settled in. Only concern is no BM yet since Sat eve. This morn, I increased my stool softener dose, and drank about 12 oz prune juice. Really hoping it helps. Looking forward to a nice shower today and continuing to move forward toward normalcy. Surgeon gave me a binder for my belly which def helps for moving. I'm about 40 lbs overweight, so it's helping. I'll keep reading and sharing as recovery continues. I've so very much appreciated everyone's experiences and advice!! Take care all!!
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Hi. I must have been typing when you replied :) I must say, I'm pretty amazed at how much better I feel today compared to Friday! It was probably about 8 hours after they removed the catheter and IV that my body got a little crazy on me. Because of my extra weight and the extent of the surgery, I had a really hard time moving. For me, to get in and out of the bed, it was best to raise the head completely so I was sitting upright, and use the rail to pull myself. I hard started doing girlie pushups (from the knees) about a month before surgery, so thinking that might have helped a little. When in the hospital, I would ask for a walker in your room. I used it a lot just for stability moving around the room as well as going for a few walks in the hallway on Saturday. I found the nausea injection better than the pill. Also the surgical mesh panties are nice and soft. The ones they had in recovery had a larger mesh and were very uncomfortable. If you have the same, ask nurse or aid if they can have some sent up from surgery. If I can think of anything else, I'll let you know
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I hope it is not benign at all!! How scary. Last week I had to go to the doctor because I was in so much pain, he sis an internal ultrasound and the cyst was still there, but he said it could have a hole in it. On the 15th I go in for pr op and have another ultrasound done, hope its gone. I had asked the doctor if there would be anymore pain until the surgery and he said no. Well everyday I am taking pain meds that he perscribed because I do have pain!! I just wish this would all be over. I feel sick all the time because I do not do well with pain meds.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the pain you are having! I do hope these next few days go quickly for you and you get good results on the 15th!
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I am so scared.  I am diagnosed with endometriosis and it's so painful. OMG what do I do? the Cat scan also detected spots on my liver. Is it spreading? wtf?
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Today is the 27th of December, why does time go by when you want it to speed up??  
So did  you get some good news? I really do hope so.
I will let you know what happens on the 15th.
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Hi! Yes, my post-op went well, thanks! Incisions are healing well. My doctor explained the final pathology and diagnosis. Stage II Low Malignant Potential Ovarian Tumor. He stated it is also called borderline cancer. The way he defined it is the abnormal cells are not benign, however, they are not invasive cancer. The chance of recurrence in the other ovary is about 5%. Not heading back to work until Jan 17.
Recovery is going well! I had a little set back because I overdid it last week. I was feeling so well, I made chocolate covered pretzels for the holidays and cleaned everything myself -probably totaled 5 hours in the kitchen. I was a little sore the next day, but didn't sink in enough I guess, so went grocery shopping and made several trips up and down a couple flights of stairs. So, the next day, my lower back and calves hurt just awful, plus my internal organs felt like they had been bruised. Spent the next couple days just resting. I can definitely tell when I'm straining where I shouldn't, and I'm trying to be more cautious. Now it makes sense why doc wants me off work a full 6 weeks.
I completely understand how the clock just ticks and days last so long. I remember trying to bury myself in projects at work, and I'd be fine for a few hours, and bam, there I was wanting to do more Internet research. :)
Well, I hope the time goes quickly for you!! Look forward to hearing how everything goes!
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Quick update as I am feeling good and a need to share.
I just received my post-op CA125 results and I'm at 8! I am thrilled. I was as 105 pre-op.

So, I'm almost 6 weeks post op and heading back to work on Thursday. Looking forward to going back, but going to be sad missing out on all the time I had with my hubby while off.

Overall, I'm feeling good. Wish it was spring so I could walk outside more, but it'll come soon enough. I'm doing most normal activities, but can tell I'm not 100%. Certain motions and lifting still aggravates the abs, so trying to be cautious.  

My follow up with my gyn/onc went well. There is a tumor review board meeting at the end of the month and he will be sharing my slides and pathology report. I feel good about this as it kind of provides a second opinion. Always good to have a few extra sets of eyes reviewing.

Forward plan- u/s and CA125 test every 3 months for the next year. If all is well, will reduce frequency to six months the following year, than back to annually.

My personal future plans- continue to research how diet can prevent recurrence and implement changes. Also setting a goal to reduce excess body fat through healthier eating and exercise.

Wishing future health to all! Fight like a girl!
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