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Laparoscopy or laparotomy for ovarian cyst measuring 8x7x7 cm

i am a 19 year old woman and I have an ovarian cyst in the left ovary measuring upto 8.1 x 7.1 x 6.7 cm. Its not cancerous and is a fluid filled complicated ovarian cyst.
My doctor advices me to get a laparotomy done by an oncological surgeon who will check whether my cyst is cancerous or not on the table by running a test called frozen section.i met with the surgeon. He believes that its not cancerous but he wants to take no chances.
My question is  , is laparotomy necessary? or in my condition a laparoscopy would suffice?

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I think they will do it laparoscopically. If there is any kind of problem they could convert to a laparotomy during the surgery. Good luck!
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They arent keeping laparoscopy as an option. They want laparotomy only. But i dont feel its necessary. Anyhow , thank you :)
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My doctor insisted on the laparotomy as well.  during a laparoscopy, the contents of the cyst can be spilled into your body, which can be dangerous if there is any chance at all of cancer.  

I know that open surgery is the last thing you want.  I was not happy about it either! But, it did go well, and I am recovering nicely from the surgery...just glad the cyst is gone!  good luck!
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Thank you so much :)
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You said "I have an ovarian cyst in the left ovary measuring upto 8.1 x 7.1 x 6.7 cm. Its not cancerous and is a fluid filled complicated ovarian cyst."

Since they sent you to an oncologist, I am guessing that they changed their tune on "not cancerous" and that it is not made up of JUST fluid? Are there characteristics on the imaging report that point to a possibility of cancer such as solid portions. thick walls, thick septations, "finger-like" projections, ascites? The good thing is (regardless of cyst characteristics and malignancy potential), almost all ovarian cysts are benign (non-cancerous).  

Larger cysts (regardless if there is potential for cancer) usually have to be removed so they do not cause ovarian torsion which can cause the ovary to die.

Some surgeons do not have laparoscopy skills yet may not tell you that as they would be losing your business.

Of course, if this cyst DOES have malignancy potential then an oncologist should do the surgery and laparotomy (versus laparoscopy) is probably safer.

Hopefully, your surgeon (regardless of procedure) will "shell out" the cyst (cystectomy) leaving your ovary intact. Removal of an ovary can cause reduced fertility and even early menopause. I do not know the statistics for that happening but I know of women who have experienced this.

I had a 9.5cm cyst and my gynecologist removed all my female sex organs even though he waited for the frozen section biopsy which came back benign (non-cancerous). I would hope (and doubt) any surgeon would do that to you since you are only 19. Be sure to make any necessary revisions to the surgical consent form if you do not like the surgical liberties (removal of other organs) it gives the surgeon. And have the surgeon sign off on any revisions and make a copy before you go into surgery.

Hope this helps and I hope your surgery goes well!  
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