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Mid's Family Tragedy

Many of you already know that our beloved Mid, long time poster on the Ovarian Cancer patient to patient forum and forum manager on the recently developed Ovarian Cyst forum has suffered a great loss. Mid and I have been E-mailing information back and forth and I told her I wanted to post a new thread on both forums just to make sure that everyone was aware of this tradgedy.

Mid's youngest sister, the youngest in the family, age 37, was murdered Friday night by her partner, a male who is being held for questioning right now. Mid lives in Austrailia as most know, and her sister lives four hours away from her. From what I know the couple went out for dinner last night. They had words at dinner and she drove home leaving him at the restaurant.  He got a cab to the house. She locked him out and called the police but he broke in and he stabbed her then he stabbed himself and then he rang the police.

As Mid said, you read about these things and yet you cannot imagine having this happen to a family member. She said her parents are in their 80's and this is certainly an extremely difficult time. Apparently Mid's Dad and this sister were very close as he helped her whenever he could. She was a single Mom of three kids. The children were not there at the time.

Mid said her sister always saw the good in people...apparently there were no incidents of violence until last night.

Mid thanks everyone very much for the support shown at this difficult time.

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Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.  
Life is never what you think it will be, but hope is always available.
My God grant you peace during this time, and your sister is now Safe in His care.

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As I am new to this community I have never corresponded with you before, but reading this post really touched me as I was permanently injured by domestic violence when I was only 22. Everyone thought my ex was a nice guy too, but it only takes one time for them to go off.
I am so deeply sorry the loss of your sister and the pain that you and your family are feeling. I will keep you all in my prayers so that in time you will be able to find some peace from this horrendous tragedy that has violated your lives.

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