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Missed period after unilateral salingo oophorectomy

HI! I had my left ovary and fallopian tube removed on April 23rd due to a 7cm mature ovarian teratoma. I had begun my period the night before surgery which would make the next one due 6 days ago. I feel pms'y..bloated, crampy, irritable, just like I'm getting my period but nothing. I'm feeling disappointed that my other ovary hasn't taken up the slack of the missing one yet. I've always been very regular, even with my tumor. Anyone have a similar surgery? Any insight into what to expect from my menstrual cycle?
Thank you!
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If u think about it ur last cycle could've been from the ovary u hav left now, so ur missed period would be from ur missing ovary, so fingers crossed ur next period will be in a month from the remaining ovary if that makes sense lol think iv confused myself now :-/ I had same surgery as u on same side and was told that it can take 3 months for periods to get sorted, I myself hav not had a period for years so I'm going to hav to go on meds to get them started
Hope that helps
Take care
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i had my right ovary removed last december 7 due to a ruptured hemorrhagic corpus luteum cyst. i have my period regularly before my surgery. i should have my period december 13th but i was shocked when i had it on the 9th instead but it doesnt look so "normal" because it was bright red and not as thick as my normal period. i was even more shocked when AGAIN, FOR THE SECOND TIME for december i had my period. the date was december 27. after that, ive never had my period again. is this normal? I NEED HELP. :(
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