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My ovarian cyst measures a 7 the size of a fist

I'm only 23 about to be 24 years old. I have been in very serve and still in pain in my lower belly feelsick to my stomach cannot get comfortable pee alot and hurts with boel movement can't sleep through the night I been to the er twice first visit  they did the CT with the dye and the vag ultrasound and he said I have a cyst on my right overie that the size of a fist. They sent me home with pain medicine. The other place a few days later I went for a second opinion and they confirmed it as well but they said those painmeds wouldn't work. The ovarian cyst started in February the size of a 2 and now its at 7 . I been on birth control for a year I have never had children and I'm making a appointment in two days which will be on Monday ... ANYWAYS I did alot of research on the web and it frightens me of what I found out about ovarian cyst I just want to know what will happen when I see a gyno?? (I'm going to a different one cause my other said it was nothing to worry about when it as a two and I was still in a alot of pain then as of till no And nothing has changed other than its growing)  what are your experiences??

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Hi!  Your symptoms and what you are going through is so similar to me!  Four weeks ago, I went to my doctor for abdominal pain, pressure and constipation.  A stomach x-ray revealed nothing.  The NP suggested laxatives.  One week later I ended up in the ER with more severe pain.  An X-ray showed an 11 cm cyst on my left ovary that the radiologist suspected was a cystadenoma or a possible cystocarcinoma.  I went to a follow up with a gyn the 3 days later, thinking I was scheduling surgery to get it removed, but he wanted to run more tests, rule out cancer, get another look at it via ultrasound and then scheduled an appointment for 3 weeks later.  My family doctor was able to get me in for an ultrasound sooner and get my blood test results (good) sooner and get with the gyn to come up with a plan sooner.  So, I have my appointment with the gyn on Tuesday and because the cancer probablility is low, he is going to go ahead and schedule my surgery at that time, rather than refer me to a specialist.

I'm just telling you all this, because I want you to be prepared that the doctor may not be as in a hurry to take care of this as you are and will probably want to be thourough and may order more tests.  Also, depending on the type of cyst, they may want to wait for you to have a cycle or two to see if it shrinks.  But then again, since you are on birth control, that may not be the case.  And, if you are unhappy with what the gyn has to say, do not be afraid to ask for another opinion.  My family doctor was able to get things rolling faster and put my mind as ease.

There are a lot of scary things to read about cysts, but know that most of the time, they are harmless, not cancer, will go down on their own or can easily be surgically removed.  Because of your young age, cancer is a very low possibility, so try not to freak out too much about that.

Also, I will tell you what the gyn told me.  If you feel excruciating pain...go to the ER.  This could be a sign of rupture or of the ovary twisting and that needs to be addressed right away.  

Hope this helps some.  Let me know how your appointment goes.

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Yes it is now a 7. I been in alot of pain and I don't think I could bare anymore pain it hurts if I stand sit lay down use the bathroom. I appreciate your help and to know what to expect in my online chart it shows I had cyst at different time but on the left or right I have had about four since January and now its may and this is the only cyst that's grew in the last two months I just have alot of worroes and anxiety going on. And thank you again
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Hi, is your ovarian cyst now 7cm? If it's a simple cyst (clear fluid) they may watch it over a month and see if it goes down (repeat ultrasound), if it's still there or bigger then surgery I would reckon. If you start getting really bad pain, it is possible the cyst is cutting off the blood supply to your ovary, and then you would need emergency surgery.
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