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Nova sure ablation

Hi there

Is there anyone who has had nova sure out there? I'm scheduled to have it on the 1st of May when I have the two cysts removed.

I'm nervous as we all are at this stage and was looking for some feedback. Does it make a positive difference having Novasure, are there side effects?

Nervous.com Trace in the UK:-}
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Women who write about ablation on this site often write to say they had one and really regret it, because it means they should not try to get pregnant again.  They were often sure when they did it, but now have a new partner and want his child, or other life changes have made them regret the decision.  (Ablation does not prevent pregnancy, but it can make pregnancy life-threatening. This is a bad issue, because although it strips the endometrium away so there is none to support the pregnancy, the woman is still ovulating, and some are so eager to have a baby that they don't care about the risks.)  

If you are absolutely sure you will never want to try to get pregnant again (even, for example, if you were with a new partner and he wanted a baby), and also certain your birth control is foolproof, ablations have proven great boons for women who had wild, out-of-control periods that were driving them crazy.
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I had an endometrial ablation done several years ago.  I'm not sure if this is the same thing you are about to have done, but the only thing I recall is having some minor cramping, and needing to use pads until the dead tissue stopped discharging. - Blu
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Hi yes it's the same thing it's when they burn the uterus walls with radio waves.

As I have horrible periods and I have a daughter and stepsons so don't want anymore children, I'm 44 so I'm waiting for grandchildren:-)

How long did your bleeding go on for can you remember? I'm having ovarian cysts removed at the same time.

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