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Ovarian Cysts

My daughter is 20 years of age and has Ovarian Cysts. What started initially as a small complex Ovarian Cysts now on scan the Dr. says is getting bigger and has put her on birth control pill. How does one get Ovarian Cysts. Please help.
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I'm 22 and Have suffered with PCO since i was 15. PCO is heireditary so somewhere down the line one member of your family has had it on either side but never known about it. A clue maybe did a member of your family on your side or partners not have children? or struggle to? unless you suffer pain from PCO then you may never have known your daughter suffers from it. Cysts grow on your overies when you ovulate & can cause pain when they burst and can come out as tiny little brown pockets on her period this is not unusual so don't worry. I've been on a strong 40g birth control pill and don't take a break with it because my pain is so bad if a cyst forms. What strength is she on? If your daughter is sexual active however she needs to use more protection then the pill as I've fallen pregnant recently whilst using the pill and my baby miscarried at 12wks as a cyst was growing on my womb. The pill becomes more a pain killer to stop cysts growing then a contraceptive so make sure she uses condoms or sperisides as well. If it does get worse for her she may need a laproscapy to make sure it isn't the worse form which is endromeitriousis. Does she get pain on one side or not suffer much? Hope she feels better soon and this helps you understand it more x
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Ovarian cysts are extremely common - so do not worry. However, they can also be extremely painful and can grow extremely large. Each month, when a woman ovulates, small follicles form on the outer part of the ovary. These follicles look like little marbles almost through an ultrasound. Now, during your period - these follicles are, keyword here 'supposed' to break free with the lining of your period but for some women, they do not. They continue to grow, sometimes causing pain for the person experiencing it depending on how big it is. How big was your daughter's cyst? I too, am 20 years old, and have been experiencing ovarian cysts since the age of 16. I too also have pcos. If this is your daughter's first ovarian cyst and she does not suffer any other symptoms - i wouldn't be too concerned about any disorders. Nevertheless, it never hurts to know what is going on in our own body's so getting hormone testing is always a good thing to have.

Best of luck, and if you have any questions about ovarian cysts do not hesitate to message me. I am an open book on this subject - i have had more than 10 in the last 3 years.

take care!
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