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I have just been discharged after 4 days, from being admitted on an emergency basis at hospital with severe abdominal pain on the LHS.  Had a CT scan which showed a thickened descending colon with fluid visualised in the Pouch of Douglas.  After the CT scan, the consultant also advised that it had shown up some issues around the ovaries (she described the area as looking 'busy' :-) ), but specifically ovarian cyst(s) (question-mark) and quite a lot of calcium deposits.  I have had sharp pains on the LHS around the area that my ovaries would be in for years but assumed it was a stitch / moving too quickly etc, normal and regular periods (not painful), and marked lower back pain in the last year or so (consistent through the month, not just in the run up to my periods).  I've been booked back in for an urgent TVS ultrasound scan and have a re-admission date in 3 weeks for a colonoscopy (again - I had one 5 years ago which was normal and they therefore assumed I had IBS as couldn't find any other reason).  Am a bit worried as when I put these terms into search engines it keeps coming back with ovarian cancer - but as I'm only 38 and with no history of this in the family, I assume it could also be loads of other things (eg. endometriois?)  Should I be concerned or am I being a bit silly.......?
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Can't advise on the bowel issues but have heard that endo can affect there.  I certainly hope all goes well and that it is endo and/or a cyst issue.  Please keep us posted.
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