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Pain and bloating from cyst?

I've been having lower right abdominal/pelvic pain (severe for 1 day then decreases over time) and constant lower abdominal bloating. The pain hit 2 months ago and then again last week. Abdominal causes were ruled out and I just had a pelvic ultrasound. The findings were "complex 2.5 cm right ovarian cystic lesion, likely complex hemorrhagic cyst with small complex pelvic fluid. Findings may indicate recently ruptured right functional ovarian cyst"

My doctor said this was a negative finding and didn't think it was the cause of my problems, but I know this is where the pain is because I felt it when the ultrasonographer was pushing there. Does anyone else have a problem like this and do doctors ever blow it off?
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If the cyst did indeed rupture, then the pain will likely gradually resolve. See your doctor if it doesn't gradually get better.
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Could be appendix.  When the area is pressed on and released is when you would have pain.  This is called rebound pain.  Then is could most likely be appendix.  
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