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Post menopausal with 2 complex cysts for 5 years and a CA 125 level of 34.

I have 2 complex cysts on my left ovary measuring 2.5 cm.  They have been there since 2013 and have doubled in size.  I'm 50 years old and post menopausal and have been on hormone replacement therapy for several years.  I wasn't aware of the cysts until last week.  I had a CT done last week for gallbladder concerns andthe cysts were noted on the CT report and noted that they have increased in size for the CT I had done in 2013 for kidney stones.  No one ever said anything about the cysts from the CT scan in 2013.  So I'm just learning of their existence.  My doctor had a CA 125 done this past Thursday and the result was 34. I know an elevated level is >35.  However, I feel very concerned being post menopausal with 2 complex cysts that have increased in size that I should insist they be removed.  Advice please.  
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Most ovarian cysts, even complex ones and even in post-menopausal women, are benign. Most cysts go away on their own. I wonder if these are indeed the same ones as seen on CT 2 years ago or possibly different ones.

Imaging is not exact so they cannot always tell the type of cyst. However, I'm not sure which type of imaging (e.g., CT, MRI, ultrasound) is the best for viewing ovarian cysts. Do you have a copy of the report? If so, what does it say about the characteristics of the cysts?

The important thing to know is that the ovaries produce hormones a woman's whole life which are critical to good health. Removal of even one ovary has been shown to do more harm than good when done for benign conditions (e.g., cysts or prophylactic). And removal of both ovaries (castration) is even more harmful and causes permanent life-shattering effects. Unfortunately, far too many ovaries are removed unnecessarily.

If the cysts continue to grow and need to be removed, removal of just the cysts (cystectomy) is the way to go if the frozen section shows they are benign. Of course, for women who are genetically predisposed to ovarian cancer, this may not be the best course. This site is a good resource about ovarian cysts - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm. This one talks about the many adverse effects of ovary removal with links to studies - http://www.overy.org/.

I hope this helps. Please keep us posted.
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