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Preparing for appointment

Tomorrow the hospital is finally breaking the month and a half of keeping me in the dark about my cyst. Im preparing a list of questions I so desperately need answered, just in case they point a needle at me and my brain shuts down.

Im 23 years, have had the cyst for a year, but was not diagnosed until august. I have not been told anything about my case and am worried sick, obviously.

Here is what I got so far:
Get the results of my blood tests
Get the written reports from the US and CT scans
Ask about my kidneys, got scanned during US
Find out how many cysts I have, size, left/right ovary, simple/complex
Surgery, laparopscopy (unlikely) vs laparotomy (bikini vs midline), how it would affect me long term.
Recovery, what to expect, common complications (you ladies appear not to be told enough about this)
Drugs for my needlephobia
How to prevent future cysts, diet, p pills (oddly I got my cyst while on the p pill)

Did I miss something?
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So, Im back, finally.

Monday, Day 1 (7th): Got knocked out with some tablets for a few hours before surgery and knocked out with gas for surgery in the afternoon. Was ok up until they gave me the mask on, then panicked a bit, holding my breath etc. One breath I got dizzy, next I was out.
Next I knew I woke up in complete agony. Tummy hurt so much. Painkillers finally set in after who knows how long. Apparently this isnt a normal reaction to anestethics ladies, so dont worry too much. Everyone else says it is a bliss until it wears off properly the next morning.
Belly was really swollen.. thought it odd but figured it must be ok. Was sick all night.
Tuesday, Day 2: Felt terrible/struggled to keep food down. Was told the cyst hadnt been removed. It had grown more than even the surgeon had expected (she had been happy trying bikini cut, but refused draining, which I then had agreed to avoid). Due to me being so unhappy with midline, she wasnt able to go ahead with it despite what her and my bf wanted for me, she didnt feel she had the nessesary concent. Had to close me up with cyst still in me. Was told she was hoping to squeeze me in Friday for midline (pubic bone to top of cyst which is quite close to ribs), hoping no real emergencies came up.
Used bedpan to urinate, too much pain and light head to use the commode (toilet they could move over to my bedside). Managed to empty my bladder enough by evening time to avoid the catheter.
Wednesday, Day 3. Much the same. Felt terrible. Struggled to eat/keep food in me. Significantly increased pulse.
Thursday, Day 4. Managed to go to the real toilet in the very early hours. Still felt terrible. Pulse never dropping much below 120. Nurse worried about my hemoglobin and ordered night staff to do tests.
Friday, Day 5 & 1.2: Bloodtests done just after midnight. Hemoglobin found to be 5.5. Recieved 2 units of blood before 4 am. Turned into a real emergency as bleeding needed to be stopped. Wasnt worried about surgery, just wanted it over with. IV was already there since transfusion, was put under using it.Gave surgeon free hands, but still hoped to save some ovarian tissue.
Was reckomended an epidural because I had woke up in so much pain, but couldnt face it and declined.
Surgery was significantly longer, maybe two hours. Hemoglobin was 8.2 before surgery, dropped to 6 and raised to 8 thanks to another unit of blood.. Lost tube (stretchec) and ovary (couldnt find healthy tissue). Weight 2.4 kg. Woke up in high dependency ward. Agony in midline, bikini line and urinary tract - woke up with catheter and the bikini line had to be reclosed as the pressure was too much for it when the midline was done. Drains in either side of bikini incision. Pain eventually came under control, wasnt allowed to drink anything due to previous sickness.
Saturday, Day 2.2: Felt reasonably good for the first time. So hungry! Ate soup and jelly - and it stayed down. Sat out for a while in the morning. 1 to 1 nursing in HDW was amazing. Drains were taken out in the evening, quite painful. Hemoglobin 8.5. Was on morfin drip during my stay in HDU, but unfortunately they needed the space, and I had to be moved down to Gynae ward at 11 PM. They couldnt quite control the pain after the sudden drop off morfin, but eventually got to sleep thanks to sleeping tablets at around 2 am.
Sunday, Day 3.2: Struggled to control pain in the morning, surgeon rewrit my medication scedule. It worked. Was unfortunately neglected by day staff. Couldnt keep food down. Wasnt out of bed once, the lovely night nurse washed me at midnight and found I was bruised "down there", resulting in me keeping the catheter in longer.
Monday, Day 4.2: Didnt keep food down in the morning, but made a real turn around in the evening. So hungry, had to get a second scone. Started feeling like myself, finally. Did I manage to get out of bed as well, I dont remember...
Tuesday, Day 5.2: Still feeling good, starving. Walking about. Hemoglobin 8.9, surgeon concluded internal bleeding had stopped, although bruising on my sides was still significant. Got catheter out at noon. Bowel movement started in the evening.
Wednesday, Day 6.2: Getting better each day, able to get in and out of bed on my own, walking about much more, eating well.
Thursday, Day 7.2: Got 2 stitches out (in the cross, the rest is dissolvable), didnt hurt a bit as my tummy is numb there. Was sent home in the evening due to tablet prescription delays.

Now to try to manage my own medication and care for a while!

Lesson learnt: Find a good surgeon and trust him/her to know what is best - definately never ever EVER tie their hands!
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Good luck...I know it's nervewracking but your surgery will be over before you know it....I was nervous too but it's amazing once they put you to sleep it feels like your out for a minute and then it's all over...and then you can rest up and take it easy for a few days...best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! Deb
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Havent been able to enjoy dinners much the last months, stomach capacity is badly restricted. Been trying to do normal things, which isnt enough to keep my mind off things .. Only broke down once so far, but I expect it to hit me tomorrow or when trying to go to sleep.
Will be having a long shower in the morning, probably needs dragged out of it. I have some time to kill, need to ring the hospital and have breakfast before 7 am and then be in the hospital at 10 am. Surgery is in the afternoon sometime so it will be a really really long day. Afraid Ill be going in with a head start on the constipation.. :-S

I agree with the emergency surgery Jess, it has crossed my mind as well. It would make it less complicated and much less stressful.

Ill update you ladies when Im home again, thanks so much for your support
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Good luck tomorrow!! I hope everything goes well and looking forward to hear how things went and how your recovery goes after.

You can do it, try to do anything you can to keep you relaxed today and tonight, it'll be okay! I dont blame you for being nervous about it and wanting to stay home tomorrow. I know I hated the waiting for surgery(both times, first time I was an add on, had to wait 3 days before they finally did it, second time it was planned, had a date, got bumped, for a week later after I fought with surgical booking.) but some days I thought it wouldve just been soo much easier if it was emergency surgery vs sitting and waiting, reading up things etc knowing whats to come.

Relax, have a bath if you can and enjoy them(last one you'll be able to have til incision is healed), read a book, have an amazing dinner, and just enjoy the day as it was any other as best you can. Hopefully you can get some sleep tonight to be rested for the big day tomorrow. ( Or do what I did and spend the day cleaning your house to have it ready for when you got home, and have an incredibly long shower at the end of the night to relax before bed lol)

Will be thinking of you and look forward to the updates!
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Thanks misspinkangel, Ill need it. Im so nervous right now, surprised I havent had a panic attack yet. I just want to stay home tomorrow :-S

I hope you get your date soon. The 6th would be annoying but at least you will be home for Christmas.
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Good luck for tomorrow, I hope all goes well.  Looking forward to an update on how it all goes and your recovery :-) Still waiting for my date, although have been told the primary target date is 6th December, my sons birthday terrific!!
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