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Received a Bill for Ovarian Cystectomy!

I received 'Summary of Account'(Not a final Bill) from UCH for the 6hrs or so stay when I underwent Cystectomy few weeks ago.

Am totally shocked at the bill.

Here is the breakdown:

Pharmacy - $600
Surgery    - $8800
Anesthesia - $2400
Recovery Room - $2100
Supplies - $6600
Pathology - $1200

Total Charges (approx) - $22k
Adjustments - $16k
Balance - (approx) - $6k

Looks like UCH will file a claim with my healthcare insurance firm and will send me the final bill.

Am totally appalled at the amount of money being charged.
I understand the everyone wants to recoup their charges but why can't I know what the profit margin is so they aren't gouging me...
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Thank you Jenn..will be requesting an itemized bill.

For some reason, I can't seem to reach the 800 number over the weekend, will be calling first thing on Monday.
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Wow, I didn't realize these things could cost us so much! I am so thankful to be living in Canada where I have to pay nothing out of pocket. I feel for you guys!
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Ask for an itemized bill. I ALWAYS ask for one, then you can find someone who specializes in breaking down the bill and catching mistakes. They are called medical billing advocates and many of them work pro bono. Rest assured there are probably mistakes. The insurance usually pays the bill without questioning or investigating as long as it is under $100,00, so you have to do it yourself. I pay 20% after deductable and that is a lot of money which is why I get the itemized bill. I was charged for a laproscopic tubal and they did the tubal the same time as the cystectomy which was done via laparotomy. They were charging for equipment and supplies that were never used on me because I did not have laparoscopy for anything.
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That's a bit shocking.  I was in the hospital from Friday to Monday, had a bigger procedure, and I think my expenses added up to $14k.  I paid about $4.5K out of pocket myself thanks to stupid deductibles.
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Thanks for responding Lizzy.

We have a high deductible so we probably will be paying a larger chunk. This means saving even more when the bill is due in the next 30-40 days.

I think the healthcare reform should pass otherwise the hospitals and insurance firm will be making more money since there is no cap right now. The healthcare reform will limit their ability to price gouge us and I don't mind paying higher taxes if that means unemployed, children and SAHM can benefit from it.

Anyone else care to share their medical expenses?
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I know, it is amazing how expensive things are in a hospital!  I hope something can be done to stop the high price gouging.  I realize Dr's deserve a good payment, but supplies for 6,600?  Seriously?  

I have not received a bill yet, but the perk of being a teacher, I barely pay anything...however if Health Care reform passes we will be taxed so high on healthcare I will be a SAHM as we will pay so much we would better off paying the cost of my husband's crappy benefits, LOL!  I wish they would just fix what needs to be fixed....healthcare for unemployed and all children!
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