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Simple Cycts 6 cm on both ovaries

I am having a minor ablation of my cervix and having 2 simple appearing or cyctic masses removed off my ovaries. I was wondering how serious these can be? I am a 22 year with a history of cycts causing problems, but these are by far the biggest. I have been put on 4 diffrent kinds of birthcontrol to make the problem better, but with no luck. There is free fluid seen, and my left ovary is smaller than my right. Could this be because of the cycts, or just mother nature. I couldn't get a lot of these questions answered by my new doctor who believe this needed to be removed, as well as looking for other health problems. I am very nervous that these could be something diffrent. Can you give me any advice you can.
Thank You
Susie Q
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It is very good that they are simple appearing.  Even if they weren't, over 95% of all cysts are benign.  The cysts can affect the size of the ovary and the free fluid is likely due to cysts rupturing.  Good luck with this.  Let us know how it goes.
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Thank you for the info. I can't wait fr this to be over with. The cycts have grown, and now i look like i have a pot belly!!! I will keep everyone informed.
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