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Still having pain 5 weeks post op, normal?

Hi, this is my first time posting in here and I was just after some advice really and would like to know how other women recovered from cyst removal. I had two large dermoid cysts on both my ovaries removed on 22nd June via laparoscopic surgery, one was 14cm x 8cm and the other 9cm x 7cm approximately. I was told the surgery was a success and both ovaries were saved, the operation was quite complex and took 2 hours.

I am now concerned as it has been 5 weeks and if anything I have felt like the pains have been getting worse over the last 2-3 weeks not better. The first two weeks after I had a lot of general aching around the area which eased off each day but after that I started getting sharp twinges on both side of my lower tummy and also slightly higher up to the left of my belly button (close to one of my incisions). The pains feel deep within me and it does not hurt to prod around the areas, they are like shooting sharp pains and the one higher up is almost like a harsh throbbing sensation. The pains do not last all day but come and go, even when I am just sitting or in bed. Also a lot of the time when I go for a wee my bladder hurts towards the end of going, it feels tight.

From what I have read on here most women felt fine after 2 - 3 weeks so I am very concerned and worried that something is wrong as I seem to be going backwards. I have my follow up consultation with my surgeon on 9th August so I will tell her of my problems then but just wondered if anybody else experienced this or knows what could be wrong with me!? :(.


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Im sorry to hear your pain is getting worse. I hope your surgeon can shed some light on it.

I had laparotomy with one ovary removed and the other ovary wasnt touched. I was told prior to my surgery that the ovary operated on could cause pain, but since mine had to be removed I didnt have that problem. However the bladder part sounds annoyingly familiar. My bladder would almost cramp when it was getting near empty and the pain was bad enough to take my breath away. I think mine stopped hurting around 4 months post op, not sure if changes to my toilet habits (peeing slowly) was the reason or not. I dont think that "cure" is healthy though. I also have pain when having bowel movement, my GP reckons it is caused by internal scar tissue, but it is just guesswork. My bowel is still sore now almost 9 months post op, although it has improved a bit.

Please let us know what your surgeon says, Im very curious to hear what might be the cause. I hope your pain starts improving soon.
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I went to the dr today for the same pain, I had my right ovary and Fallopian tube removed April 19, 2012, I was doing fine up until 2 weeks ago when this pinching stinging pain began in the inner part of my pelvis area my upper tummy is also tender to the touch, my wee didn't burn but the color was changing I could barely walk today when I of to the appt, well as the dr exam me she notice a stitch that wasn't remove as well as a infection this exam took about 30 mins I'm on medication for the infection and pain, im on bed rest until Sunday. The dr also told me if the medication don't clear this up I will need to have a CT scan done next to make sure my bladder is okay.
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Hi just read the posts. I had my left ovary removed and the tube. Took weeks for me to even walk properly. Now i can walk i find that sometimes i have the feeling like i have a period pain, i went to my GP he said this is normal, but hey my GP never sent me to the hospital for a scan for 2 years of complaining of pain, it was only through a health check that they picked up there was something wrong! I stated to the nurse whilst in the health check , "I have pain", the nurse said thats not normal. I said i told the GP & he said just take painkillers lol. Any way my GP is a big prick and thank god for women nurses.
Back to the story i cant really take anything my GP says as safe any more, i have an appointment at the hospital on Monday and will tell him im in pain after 2 months since the operation. I did ride a motorbike and know this uses muscles so i may have strained my self a little. I will let you know my progress with this. Thank you all for such good reading here. Its so helpful.
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