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Stitch like pain after laparotomy

Hi, I had a laparotomy 3 weeks ago to remove bilateral dermoid ovarian cysts (8cm on my left ovary, 15cm on my right ovary). And for the last week i have had a stitch like pain on my right side just under my rib cage at the bottom. Can someone tell me if they have experienced the same thing? Or what it is down to? Other than that i feel fine, and have no other pain.
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I have that as well. I had a laparotomy when I was 7 for intestinal volvous and Endometriosis lap in 2007 as well as this last Feb.

The laparotomy scar has always caused me pain either on it or below it.

Since my surgery in Feb it is hurting below it. I am sure its scar tissue behind it or under it that is causing this. The pain will eventually subside after time.  
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I found I had pain like that right after my laparotomy, if I slowed dpwn and did more deep breathing, and massage the area it would ease.  I now have adhesions on the round ligament from the surgery and find massaging the area eases the pain
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