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Surgeon Found Staple In Ovary??

Hi. I had exploratory laparoscopic surgery on Friday to see why I have had such terrible pain. The surgeon removed scar tissue and also found that one of my ovaries with a large cyst on it has a staple inside it! I was pretty groggy obviously coming out of anaesthesia and wished I asked more questions. I do see my surgeon later this week for a post op appointment but was told to contact my obgyn to get it removed. I think she believes it may be from when my appendix was removed 18 years ago but my concern is, did that surgeon in 2003 accidentally knick my ovary so had to staple a wound shut and never told my parents, myself or put it on record? Also in 2008 I had a exploratory laparoscopy because I was experiencing terrible pain for about 4 years and the start of bad irregular menstrual cycles but that surgeon said everything looked normal, so I don't know if he may have put a staple in my ovary without telling me for obvious reasons or if the staple moved over the years from the appendectomy. I didn't even know I had a staple inside me what so ever because I figured they either stitched or burnt wounds after removing an appendix. This is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of lol I couldn't get anyone to listen to me for YEARS and obviously it didn't show on any scans. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Is this a malpractice suit or more of a class action due to complications or possible recall of this specific staple maybe?

I don't know much details yet. I also wonder if I do have some sort of case, if it even matters because its been nearly 18 years (or 13, depending which surgery caused this). You would think there wouldn't be a time limit if you had absolutely no way of knowing this because not one doctor took me serious about how agonizing the pain and discomfort has been off and on. It got to the point now in my early 30s where I can have 2 or 3 periods a month and laying in the fetal position moaning because of the terrible stabbing. Literally the same feeling of my surgical incisions is what I feel in my abdomen at least twice a month for several years now, not even over exaggerating and now I think we know why. I sure hope no permanent damage will be caused either.

Thank you for any input and advice! I have never ever heard of a staple in a women's ovary before! I'm at a loss here, ladies!
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I’m not an attorney but did copywriting for Lexis/Nexis. You should see a personal injury lawyer because the time limit is from when it was discovered.
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It would be Medical Malpractice and Statute of Limitation is 2 yrs in FL and the date if discovery. - Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Criminal and Family Law Paralegal; 8 yrs. You need to research your state's Statute of Limitation (SOL) laws according to medical malpractice and seek legal counsel if your SOL has not expired.
My apologies, my phone keeps trying to autocorrect my grammar. In the State of Florida, Medical Malpractice's Statute of Limitations is 2 years from the date of Discovery. - every state is not the same, so I would research your area.
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