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Surgery on 17th Aug but now I have a cold - will they reschedule?


I am scheduled for my cystectomy on Monday 17th Aug but have developed a runny nose and non-stop dry cough - I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow to discuss, but was wondering if anyone has been in this position and whether the surgery was postponed or not.

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I am sceduled to have surgery tomorrow morning. Nothing major they are removing my teeth and putting dentures in.  This moring I woke up with the beginning of a cold so far slight stuffy nose - no fever or cough. I really just want to get this over with.  Do you think my operation would be cancelled for a head cold?
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Definitely ask your doctor.  Part of the pre-op tests include blood work and chest x-rays, but they may want to check further the extent of the cold symptoms.  It could be gone by Monday or it could be one of those colds that linger for awhile.

Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will probably be concerned about any type of respiratory infection, how clear your lungs are and how your immune system is doing.  One of the big concerns post-op is pneumonia so they'll want to be sure you don't have conditions that could increase the chances of getting that sick.

From a  patient point of view, the last thing you will want is a persistent cough while recovering from abdominal surgery.  Coughing and sneezing while you have stitches can be a real problem, not to mention painful.  Even if your cold is gone by then, keep in mind that you need to hold a pillow to your stomach before coughing or sneezing to lessen the pull it will put on the tender surgical sites.  You will also have a very dry/sore throat post-op so if your throat hurts beforehand...well you know it will only feel worse afterwards.
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