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Top 10 things I have learned from laproscopic cyst/ovary removal

It's been almost 2 weeks since my laproscopic surgery, I have learned alot both from experiencing it and talking to ya'll here on the forum. Time to share, because just maybe somebody is about to go through the same thing and has questions or needs help. It would be great if everyone added their two cents and we will have a nice "what to expect when your expecting laproscopic surgery" list...lol

1. Don't be fooled, this is major surgery. You could be having body parts removed. Don't plan on doing much for at LEAST a week or two. If you are lucky like some, you'll be up and at 'em. But if you're not, then you won't be disappointed and frustrated.

2. Make or buy muffins. Especially bran. You will need them. Don't ask me why. Ok...why? Because your meds will constipate you and make your stomach hurt. AND you will be too tired to make food. You can buy stool softeners too, but they don't make for a tasty breakfast...

3. If you can, shop for or prepare food and stick it in the freezer. And be REALLY REALLY nice to your friends and neighbors before your surgery. They may offer to bring you food. Don't be silly, say yes. You will be glad you did!

4. The CO2 gas may bloat you up. It might not happen for a day or two and you will laugh and say "I am SO lucky!!" and then "POP" You are the now the Pilsbury doughgirl. Only not as cute. But it hurts...not just the shoulder, could be all over. WALK, WALK, WALK.. around the house, it will go away. Could take a week or more, but the worst is the first few days. Try beano, mylanta, etc. too. BEST cure: Massage. Takes away all the toxins, pushes out some gas. Can't get one?... be REALLY REALLY nice to your spouse, significant other, children, whoever.... they may take pity on poor ol' bloated you and help you out.

5. Get one of those beanybag things that you put in the microwave. Put it on where it hurts. Warm feels nice and you can't get in the tub for two weeks. Your body might hurt all over. They say they don't drop you off the stretcher while you are unconscious, but I personally don't believe it...

6. Enjoy your downtime. Remember all those busy days you wished you could lie around, play on the computer, read books, organize your photos, google your old boyfriend,  write that novel? Well, do it. Or sleep. Or both.

7. Sleep. Sleep some more.

8. Driving sucks. Try and avoid it until your incisions/stomach muscles don't hurt. (and you're not on happypills anymore...) It's illegal in most states to drive lying down, I believe...

9. Drink lots of water. Flushes out all the stuff they pumped into you during surgery. Fluffs out the sleep wrinkles in your face..

10. Get on this forum when you can. You will find wonderful women with supportive notes, messages, laughs, and you can read others stories to know whether you are "normal" or not (in terms of your surgery - if you want deeper analysis, try the psych forum...)

That's MY top ten, I hope you all can add a few of your own! Thanks everyone for ALL your help, info, and especially the friendship and laughter.
Have a great day!
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I had my surgery (3 ovarian cysts removed from my right ovary) 5 days ago. Today I got my period and it hurts a lot. It hurts as much as having a twisted ovarian cyst. I was just wondering if its normal? I had my left ovary  with a cyst removed 6 years ago, I dont remember my period being so painful.
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Do u still have pain during your period.its been two yrs for me and I still get knife sharp pains just on the side were they removed the cyst.  It's April 2017
hey, i had my surgery 3 weeks ago and i’m still getting the knife sharp pains?… i had these constantly before the op, and now after the op im still getting them. did yours go? i know you said a few years after you’re getting them? i had a baby 7 months ago and i still can’t take him for a walk :/. the pains are horrible and i just want them to go away! :(!!
Could it be nerve pain? If it feels like radiating pain around your hip and down your leg it could be sciatica. Stretching, massage, acupuncture all help! I have a 7mo too, hope you heal!
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Thank you for this post! It helped me out greatly! The doctor removed a 6 cm simple cyst from the right ovary. Thankfully she saved my ovary but no one prepared me for the emotional side of the recovery.  I was ready for all the physical recovery. The first week I felt like a crazy lady, my ovary was healing, hormones all over the place, crying, angry, happy, sad, and just a hot mess.  I took 1 week off but emotionally I feel like I needed 2 weeks. I"m on my 3rd week of recovery and finally feeling emotionally normal. I hope this helps and those that are preparing for surgery also prepare for the emotional recovery too. :)
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Im having mine done in 2 days I havent told my doctor about me smoking weed, should I? Im so scared and nervous that I might wake up during the surgery, I just dont like being out of control with it, help me!!!! What do I do??? How do I not be nervous?
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Definitely tell your doctor , do not risk your health/life over a plant.
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Everyone’s stories has helped me as I’m scheduled for surgery next week. I found out I have a dermoid cyst at 5.4 cm on my right ovary. It was discovered when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I lost my baby at 26 weeks pregnant, after healing from my d&e, I had bad pain and cramping. I went to see a GI doctor and he stated it’s the cyst on my right ovary. My OB/gyn then did an ultrasound and found the dermoid cyst grew at 5.4 cm. She insisted on surgery and 50 % chance of removal of my right ovary. I’m concerned about her removing my right ovary and she gave me the option of leaving some of the cyst in order to save my ovary. I rather her do that then take my ovary away. I’m planning to get pregnant again soon. Any thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Your words and testimonials have given me hope and courage to go through this! You all live with grace and thank you for sharing your experiences.
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How did it go?
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Hey im 18 just had surgery five days  ago on right ovarian complex cysts 6cm big...well i hqve6 not expected  any pain yet since  the day on surgery...but the first 3 days of surgery wasn't  fun the anesthesia well made me so sick i thew up everything  i drink even  water jah....if i drank all my pills with water i would just throw  it all up worst experience  ever...its not  that bad or painful only uncomfortable  if you try try and stand  straight the incision area feel asif it streaching something  like tht uncomfortable...but no pain at Ll...having a checkup tomorrow  and ya my result from the lab will ve out soon...they did a test and the result came out on the higher  side for a sort of ovarian  cancer...hmm hope  it was just inflammation..m
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Just my opinion, but the colon prep also contributes to the constipation. I have had to do thus a lot in the past for kidney stone tests and treatments. It always created problems getting back to regular. I find a few slices of cucumber s few times a day, plus an orange each day helps. The duke carries waster to the bowel, and the orange had non soluble fiber that helps move thing through. And for me personally, guacamole has a laxative effect. When my surgery gets scheduled, these will be in gghe fridge ready to go.
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Hi my names kelly 3 weeks ago today i had keyhole sugery to get a cyst removed from my right ovary my stomach is quite bloated and swollen still is this normal any tips please to get this belly down?
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This is mostly true but I think it also depends on your age.I’m 23 years old. I had a 10cm paratubal cyst that-twisted (worst pain in the world I swear) basically had to have surgery two days after I was dying from pain. & I was sooo nervous but now that I look back on it, I could do it again. The main thing that scared me was the anesthesia. But I was out & I barely counted to two LOL. I was in sooo much pain & had a temperature at the surgery outpatient center, I was glad I was there & I just forced myself to do it.
My recovery was SUPER fast. But now that I look back I think I should’ve taken it easy. I had my surgery November 22 & today is January 11. So it’s been almost ... six weeks?
Looking back the surgery itself wasn’t bad, recovery in pACU wasn’t bad, I had An amazing nurse & I felt so much better after. I virtually took no pain pills after coming home, but I did feel gas in my throat, I didn’t have much shoulder pain. But the thing that’s really scared me  the fact  that
I couldn’t POOP! I was straining for two or three days & finally gave in & tried MIralax (it didn’t help) then tried prunes (it helped!) every once in a while I still get constipated? So I take prunes ... weird because before surgery I never had that issue..
and now as I’m typing this I am very tired... I think I’ve been pushing myself At the gym , so I’m gonna stop because I feel way out of it... I even have muscle spasms in my left side where my ovary was & in my right side.
I’m scared I won’t be able to conceive, I’m on birth control & I’m not planning to have kids for another five years. My mom cried when the obgyn said they took out my left tube and ovary... but it had twisted & died so :( no way they would wanna keep that in.
Do not & I repeat DO NOT over exert yourself. I was out of it for a good two or three days after, but then I regained my strength & began driving that Sunday. It was crazy, I went back to work half time that next Wednesday. & then only was half time for a full week.
I just wish I hadn’t started exercising so fast & suddenly, now I think my body is rebeling against me. Idk what’s going on but I’m having phantom pain & I called my obgyn & told her I’m tired after exercising more than usual & my hips hurt after doing stair climbing machines... but the nurse said it’s unrelated to surgery.
I mean honestly I’m trying to get over the fact I lost TWO ORGANS. I can’t believe it because it happened so fast..
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Hey all, I just had an emergency surgery because of ovarian torsion on Sunday. Lost the left ovary and fallopian  tube. They also removed some endo. Am feeling weird about it all...it was very unexpected.
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Hi, I had surgery 11 days ago at 7 weeks pregnant, due to the size and unknown nature of my cyst I had to have laporatony procedure. to ensure no leakage. It turns out my cyst was fluid filled so nothing sinister. It was drained and removed. I was in excruciating pain with my cyst every few hours for almost two weeks before the decision was made that it had to be removed. Mine was 15cm and sitting right on top of my bladder making me need a wee very frequent. I can't explain that pain that would come on and this would last between 10-20 minutes. I felt so ill with it. I had an ultrasound 5 days after surgery and to our huge relief heard our little baby's heartbeat. I am recovering now but finding it really slow. I ache and have twinge pains and mild period like pains especially when I need to have bowel movements are these abdominal cramps normal after two weeks?. I know my body is changing with it being my first pregnancy so I know some twinges and pains may be down to that. I was just hoping some others could elaborate on the recovery afterwards while pregnant. just to be reassured that all of this is normal and it's a slow process. Even just walking around the house a few times a day is zapping my energy. There's not much on the web about symptoms and actual recovery from a laporatony whilst pregnant so I was hoping for some more info.
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Thank you for this! I am on Day 6 post op and going crazy! I am now going to take your much needed advice, and chill out! The gas is the absolute worst! Everything you wrote is exactly what I feel and what I wished I would have prepared for.  
I went in for a cyst removal that was attached to my ovary but the ovary along with both tubes were removed, plus an ablation.  
Thanks for this!
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Hi everyone,

My dermoid cyst story started when I had pain about a month and a half ago in my right side. I had a sense that it was related to the ovary as the stabbing pain came in waves and eventually subsided. On May 1st the pain occurred again and HORRIFICALLY this time around. I don't think I've ever been in so much pain in my life. I called the doctor and they got me in the same day but the labs were closed by that time so they could not do an ultrasound or anything. They sent me to the ER.

While at the ER they did a CT scan and found an 11cm wide desmoids. I had my laparoscopic surgery just on 5/11/2017 (last Thursday) to get it removed. I went in at 5:30am, and they started surgery just after 7:00am. The procedure was 2 hours and they made three small incisions on the abdomen. The left was slightly longer as this was the one they must have pulled out the dermoid from. (Hair and other gross stuff, y'know?) The right was a little smaller and the center one the smallest in my belly button.  

I was discharged at 2:30pm that same day finally after struggling to urinate (I was literally sitting on the toilet for an hour and a half, lol.) I was ever thankful they put a little nausea patch by my left ear. (I never threw up, although I felt really queasy and light-headed.)

The pain later on at home was mostly due to the gas they put in you--the pain in my right shoulder from the gas was excruciating. Later on I began to feel the incisions as well. I would say it was the first two days that were quite bad and then I slowly eased up on taking the Percocet and Ibuprofen. Five days later and I'm taking nothing for pain. I mostly just ache/feel sore at this point. I took Miralax for constipation twice and I've had numerous bowel movements.

I'm a little surprised at how well I'm recovering. They made three incisions on my abdomen and covered them with mere bandaids. I was surprised and thought this was an underwhelming way of protecting the incisions!

Here's the biggest recovery symptoms I've had/am still having:

- Bloating/gas - especially when first waking up (Yikes!) It hurts pretty bad but subsides after a few minutes. It usually helps to go to the bathroom in the morning.

- Pressure on the abdomen while standing. Walking around is good for the gas I've heard, but it does make you feel pretty uncomfortable down there. LOTS OF PRESSURE. It feels like you're on your period. (Even though you're not--Funny story. While I was still in recovery I kept insisting to the nurses that I got my period while I was in surgery. AS A SIDE NOTE: THERE WILL BE SOME MINOR BLEEDING AFTER THE SURGERY.) I'm still wearing pads just in case/am expecting my period this week.

- Soreness in the shoulders/neck/chest area. OUCH! This was really bad on day one and two. The most painful symptom that I experienced as well. The narcotic (I had Percocet) they give you should help with this. Fortunately this subsides in the first couple days.

- Have someone help you get out of bed and get you into bed. It really hurts your pelvis and on the first two days your shoulders. I've noticed it helps to have your head elevated while you sleep. You will need to have someone pull you up with their hands. Five days later I still struggle with lifting myself up out of bed.

- Your incisions are sensitive. FUNNY STORY: I WALK AROUND WITH MY UNDERWEAR FOLDED OVER MY LOUNGE PANTS. The incisions are really sensitive to touch. I can only do soft pants. It's going to be a while yet before I can wear jeans.

- You look like you're 4-5 months pregnant from the gas they pumped into you. I'm not even joking. I've never been pregnant before and I'm not currently sexually active so this is really weird for me. It's three incisions and a huge tummy right now and it looks kind of funny...

- Sore throat. This one is mildly annoying. I thought I was getting a cold but it's actually from an air tube they put in me I guess???

- Going to the bathroom: MAKE SURE YOU BREATHE WHILE YOU PEE/POOP!!! SERIOUSLY. BREATHE IN AND THEN BREATHE OUT SLOWLY AS YOU SLOWLY "GUIDE" IT OUT. IT REALLY HELPS. Urination was not easy for me at first and was really painful for the first several times, but breathing in and then breathing out slowly helped. For constipation the nurse recommended Miralax. I've only needed to take it twice so far and I've been having almost regular bowel movements now.

These are my experiences. Thanks for reading!
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I just left the huge comment above but I wanted to also say that laughing, sneezing and coughing hurt tremendously following a laparoscopy surgery. I can't wait until I can laugh again ;)
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I just had laparoscopic cyst removal. March 17, 2017. The cyst was the size of a grapefruit.  The Doctor had to enter in 3 places to remove the cyst. The procedure went well. Today I am sore all over my belly. I am placing an ice pack on the lower belly to reduce pain and swelling.  I have the most trouble with the larger incision on my upper belly, it was dripping a little so I had to put a gauze pad on it with medical tape. I have to get help when I have to stand to go pee. My muscles are sore and I worry that I may tear open if I get up on my own.
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Hy girls from Europe, Croatia..
I had laparoscopy about 8 years ago , they remove from right ovarie 5cm of teratoma -dermoid ( as they guessed before on ultrasound) and they remove one small cyst from right ovary, bc they suspect other teratoma, but it was normal cyst...
So my experience with laparoscopy,
Well I was happy to go on laparoscopy finally to removed that stuff from my body , and live life normal..
So I think I came in hospital happy and ready...
I didnt ask to much question, and doctors arent that much talking...
Only pain I felt, well first one was when I drink some stuff to clear all food inside my body, I dont know that in english..
Few hour after drinking that liquid, day before operation, I feel need to go to bathroom...
Omg I tought I would die, that my ovaries will exploded, I was like that for an hour..
I went on surgery, they gave me some happy pill..
I wake up , little funny like calling same person for two times to tell them I was fine and eeverything is good..
I get up easily to toilet for urine, and nothing I take for pain...
But tommorow mornig, that gas , was like big knifes trought whole upper body, every move I make I felt crazy pain..until I finally get injection in my but , after 20 minutes I was like a bird...

I had pain all time, but it was normal pain to expet..
Only that two stuff I told before make my pain extremely..
But I was young and strong, just waiting to get rid of that, forget it and go for life, without pain, worries, doctors checking , and guessing ...

But to mention I met other womans , that had different experiences, some felt very pain after surgery, but I think we all where very happie we dont have cancer or something,
So we also laught a lot, I was the youngest and I bring little positive energy,and they each was interesting on some way..

In all of that healt thing going on, you meet other woman, what also became part of all of that experience...

Sorry I talk a lot, but I like to share one part of have remmeber my laparoscopy :-)

So girls, womans, mothers
Be brave, dont panic, belive in best outcome, and accept what you hear after surgery!

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Thank you! It's comforting to read that I am not alone in this experience. I had surgery to remove 5cm dermoid cyst from my left ovary as well. Its been 3 weeks now and occasionally i could still feel sharp pain from the insides near the incision sites and i've been having daily bloody discharge similar to discharges nearing the end of a period. Sometimes the color is dark brown and at times bright red. I dont know if the pain and discharges are still normal. It can really get me down.
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Did you ever find out why you were still bleeding after three weeks? I'm in my fourth week post-op and I have bleeding like you described. My doctor can't figure it out, so I'm headed back in for all the ultrasounds and CT scans all over again. :(
I was told that I have incompetent cervix/cervical erosion as a result of an additional procedure I had done during my lap. The doctors had to keep my cervix open using a tong-like instrument. The "bitten" area didn't heal as expected. It was like a wound that won't heal and keeps bleeding when there is contact.

I still spot until now. But because my tests (ultrasound and pap) are normal, my doctor told me not to worry about it.

Good luck on the tests. I hope to hear updates on your recovery and hope your bleeding will stop soon. :)
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hi i had my left ovary removed because i had a 20 cm ovarian mass anyways im loosing alot of weight is that anything to do with ovarian cancer because iv never got my results back if it was cancer it just looks scary they say 28 yr old female
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If they didnt call to say it was cancer, then I would air on the side it isnt. Thats some big news to not tell someone. I had my left ovary removed because a cyst ruptured 2 weeks ago and I have lost 5 pounds despite eating and doing nothing but laying around because I;m still in pain. So Im guessing its normal, my Dr doesnt seem concerned at all.
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Sorry this is long but this is my experience...

I had my surgery June 3rd at 7:30am. This post did help a lot but after everything that happened, I dont think I would have ever been fully prepared. My pre-op went fine but i made sure to get the nausea patch before surgery to help with any sickness (this was bs).

I feel like i remember heading back and them having me move to a table but who knows. I woke up in recovery shaking horribly and just feeling like c.r.a.p. all over. My alarm went off a few times because of my inability to take a deep breath (thanks gas) and they moved me to a chair within 15 minutes which made me absolutely miserable. I can handle pain normally but the nausea and 200lb weight on my lungs made it unbearable. I thankfully had an amazing preop nurse who took over my care when the young dumb male nurse couldn't help me or even try to just walked away. She got me oxygen and pain/nausea meds after she saw tears rolling down my face. The reason i said the nausea patch is bs is because within 20 minutes of getting home i was puking my guts out and that lasted 2 days along with the inability to catch my breath and the horrible chest pain. My pain never moved to my shoulder but i think i would have preferred that to not being able to breathe.

I took it easy for a week before walking down our stairs which took me about 10 mins to go down a flight. I knew it would take at least a week and a half to start feeling better but i still have my days even now 3 weeks later of feeling horrible which I planned on happening so Im okay with being a little slower.

I found out later on that my tumor was larger about 6.5cm and it ruptured while they operated which due to it being a dermoid they had to flush me out with "gallons of fluid" and because of that Id probably be in more pain than normal.

Overall, if the dermoid comes back..ill cry. The pain from the gas and the vomiting made the whole experience miserable. But i do see the effects of having the dermoid out. Before the surgery i was told my dermoid could not cause the issues i had i.e. weight gain, nausea, sciatic pain, just an overall crappy feeling. The first week and a half i lost 10lbs and have still kept it off. I had the swelling on and off and still do a little at 3 weeks out but it's not horrible like I thought it would be. The pain in my sciatic has gone down and enormous about and my abdominal pain has significantly been lowered.

A few things ill add: im currently dealing with my first menstrual cycle after surgery. It hurts like hell and I truly think the ovarian pain is worse than the surgery pain so be prepared and maybe plan to have off work the first day. Also, dont rush it. I see people say they're okay after a few days but thats not always the case. 3 weeks out im still slow and walking is still uncomfortable. Finally, Make sure you have someone to help you after surgery. My boyfriend helped me with everything the first week including sitting up and walking and I definitely needed him. Dont be afraid to ask for help.

Stay strong ladies. The experience may be unpleasant but it was comforting to know I wasnt alone during everything.  Xo
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GAS: drink a couple sips of soda, I always try and get soda as quickly as they will let me post-op to help relieve some of the gas pressure, and I take a couple sips or so after meals because I seem to have more of a problem with that post-op.

BIG POTTY: cantaloupe makes me go, so whatever triggered you pre-op, try it. BE CAREFUL! When they finally let me have solids (like 3 or 4 days post op...I had extensive surgery) I had 3 servings of fruit in one day because they were asking if I had gone yet, and I hadn't. That backfired! I went four or five times, which kept me up until just after midnight.

BLOATING: I'm only 8 days post-op, but I can tell my binder is looser. I've made sure to empty my drain a lot, more than they did at the hospital and I had more fluid come out in a day than they did when I was in the hospital! Not sure if this accounts for why it has gone down some. I still have my drain in, and wearing my binder, so I can't say how my old jeans fit. I had bought stretchy waist jeans prior to surgery when my girth felt like it was either expanding or just uncomfortable to wear regular jeans. So the stretchy ones fit fine over the binder. I may need a size smaller in a month.

WEIGHT LOSS: I wish. Between fluids (IV) and fluids from the drain, I may be lucky to be down 5 pounds. We'll see as time goes. It is hard to tell weighing fully dressed and with the binder, time of day, if I've eaten, etc. I can't just bend over and grab the scale myself to put in the bathroom to weigh in the morning either, so that all affects my weight.
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BTW, I didn't mention what my surgery was. I had 20cm cyst removal, full hysterectomy and hernia repair. I still have to go back for another hernia repair. :-<
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I had laparoscopic surgery for a 24 cm cyst in my right ovary in February and this list is spot on! I wish I had read it before/during my surgery. Question: after your surgery (like 3-4 months) did you still have some belly bloat? It is obviously not as bad at my hard, distended tummy with the football cyst in me but it is still kind of bloated, but softer. Just curious if any one has had similar experience. Maybe my abdominal walls are all stretchy from a year of a large cyst in me haha.
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Oh wow, Ollycat, that is some cyst!
Don’t know if this helps but I had my surgery nov 22 2017 it’s now Jan 11 2018 & I’m still bloated! I had a 10 cm paratubal cyst... filled with liquid... so idk!? I’m very tired as well
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Day 2 (of no BM/ day 3 post surgery) and just had a poo! :) never thought I would be so relieved to say that haha. My boyfriend bought me aloe Vera colon clense which is supposed to be gentle, I took one yesterday and today had a poo pain free :) I'm so happy. I've been tryna eat light because all the stories I read on here about first poo being painful. I had a BM just before my surgery then nothing day 2 then day 3 I had a poo. I ate crackers and butter and a banana after my surgery, on day 1 then day two I had a pear, crackers and butter and 2.5 slices of pizza.

I would say be careful of gassy foods because having trapped wind HURTS, I've been taking deflatine for it.

Hope this helps ! I will post soon x
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I'm like that too, I want to know everything! I asked so many questions my anaesthetic guy threatened to leave! I even wanted to see the tube going down my throat. He put me to slee extra quick just to shut me up haha
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Aww. I'm getting really upset too, just crying because I feel so sad or I'm in pain. It's horrible
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Hi all, I had my surgery yesterday (may 21st 2016) and I honestly cannot tell you how much this site helped me. I got a shopping list based on the comments here and feel pretty much set! I had keyhole and have 3 incision sites, one in my belly button (belly button it looks normal) and one on the left and right side near my hips. I had a 5cm ( could have grown in the 3 months since my last scan) dermoid cyst on my left ovary (or Fallopian tube ?) I had been having sharp pains in my vaginal/ cervix area for as long as I remember and used to double me over sometimes so I'm guessing this is the reason why.  Before my surgery I watched YouTube videos and read this thread over and over.

I went with my boyfriend for the surgery and I think it went well. I don't remember anything except the room for the anesthetic  to be given to me was freezing cold, he told me it might hurt but as I was saying I didn't feel any pain at all I think I was out before I finished my sentence.

I didn't get any shoulder pain (touch wood) but I have been walking around a lot, I went into surgery at 10am and was back out at 1pm and discharged at 5pm. I couldn't pee straight away (whilst in hospital) maybe because of the bed pan and the lying down position but by the 3rd visit to the bathroom I was shuffling along and going bathroom myself (I was only slightly embarrassed when the nurse yanked down my mesh knickers they give you for surgery.)  I am peeing blood though which I'm told is normal, I don't know if my urine is blood or if it's like a period because I can't bend over to check but there's definitely blood. I am using the toilet by myself no need for a grabber haha.

The anesthetic made me throw up on the floor because there was no nurse around or vomit pots. I didn't feel like my sandwich but I took one bite and gulped instead of sipped some water and threw up so much liquid (don't know where it came from). I ended up having crackers (was like eating saw dust it was so dry) and sips of water. The lozenges were a god send because my throat is bruised from the tube, it still hurts and makes your throat scratchy and sore and makes you cough.

the pillow for your belly is a godsend aswell, I have a little heart shaped one which is currently under my jumper but on top of my dress so not touching my stitches

I am home now, I was fine pain wise the first day ( I think the hospital has the good s***) but cried because I felt so sorry for myself, my first few naps felt like deeeep sleeps as if I was being dragged under but I suspect that's because I had anaesthetic in me still. In the evening the good stuff has worn off and I was only using ibuprofen as pain relief so cried again in bed because lying flat back makes your chest hurt (anaesthetic gas?) and gave me a headache, I couldn't get comfortable and my stitches hurt so I took some more pain relief.

I'm slightly annoyed because I bought laxative instead of stool softener (dulcolax instead of dulcoease) which is probably why my belly has been killing me today!  I'm so gassing today (day 2 morning ) so I've taken some rennie deflatine which has helped. I haven't used my heat pad because my shoulders are fine but I laid it on my belly for abit, it seemed to make my belly hurt though so took it off. I'm hungry but don't have an appetite for anything but crackers and butter, I'm scared to eat more because I heard having a poo hurts and I don't want to overload my system.

If you have any questions I'm happy to help :)
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I'm a master of that going to the bathroom even before having a complex cyst removal on my ovary two weeks ago.... so annoying the way my sister works even though before any of these tests I see the gastro doctor had an endoscopy colonoscopy and digestive test done everything came back normal. Knowing that if the surgery it will be even harder to have a bowel movement I wasn't going to make myself so I work out and I stay fit and eat healthy all the time nothing makes me go so don't make yourself suffer every morning I wake up and I stick to a regimen apple cider vinegar 2 teaspoons with water lemon and cinnamon warm or cold have that on an empty stomach then a drink a swig of citric magnesium let me tell you and never experienced any pain the next day after my surgery don't torture yourself
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I'm sorry you are dealing with this! You should get as much information as you can. I don't think you need a brace (abdominal binder?) though. Are they going to remove just the cyst (cystectomy) so you still have your ovary or enough ovarian tissue for normal hormone production? We need our ovaries our whole lives. Removal of even one of them can cause permanent problems that predispose us to health problems since the ovaries produce health promoting hormones our whole lives (they don't shut down at menopause).

I hope your surgery goes well! Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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I'm scheduled to have a 6cm (or larger) dermoid removed on June 3rd. It was first discovered 2 months ago and it grew 1.5cms over a week and a half...that was 3 weeks ago. I've been in horrendous pain for the past two weeks in my abdomen and lower back, leg and thigh.I feel as though I can physically feel the tumor/cyst growing in size.

I'm so over the pain and hormonal issues that I cannot wait to have the surgery. I used to be 125lbs and have since gained 15lbs in less than 8 months. I eat healthy and run constantly, i'm hoping that the surgery will fix my hormone issues as well. Has anyone noticed a weight loss after having the surgery?

Also, is it common for the hospital to provide a brace/band after surgery or should I go ahead and buy one? I don't have my pre-op appointment until the 27th and want to be prepared.

Final note (I promise) is it possible to be "too prepared?" My other half is great but thinks im crazy because I need to know every single detail of what to expect and what is going to happen. I seem to think that Im less nervous when I know all of the details and can be prepared when the time comes.

Thanks everyone!
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Hi! I’ve also gained weight (30 lbs) and have a quick growing dermoid. I have my surgery next week. I was wondering if you lost weight after your surgery? I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out what my weight gain is attributed to because it came out of nowhere. My doctor said dermoids don’t normally cause weight gain. Thank you
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