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Types of cysts/Tumors

Hi Ladies,

I hope you can help me.  I was diagnosed with a 10cm mass end of October.  That they thought was an endometrioma.  Long story short, the surgeon did a laporscopy and said he could drain the endometrioma and provide me meds to continue to shrink it, ( I was too scared of major surgery at the time, silly I know).  Anyway, I didnt have endometriosis, instead I had a growth inside my right ovary which he still drained ( I wish he hadnt) and I still have it now, the scan is showing it is completely solid and welll circumscribed, which scares me now because its solid.  I am having it out in 2 weeks,my Gyno thinks its a dermoid based on the fluid he drained (yellow thick fluid).  He drained it because he was trying to be conservative (we are trying for a baby) and thought the cyst was just functional and it would go away.  The fluid was benign

During the wait for my second surgery, I have been having terrible thoughts and anxiety, to the point I am not eating.  All I can think about is the tissue left behind could be cancerous because its all now completely solid, and because he has punctured it this could spread cells.  He showed me the pictures of my enlarged ovary before he drained it, it was white and very smooth and rounded.

My question is epithelial carcinoma starts on outside surface of the ovary, however stage 1a cancer say confined to the inside of the ovary?   Does epithelian carcinoma and their benign cousins start growths on the outside that emcompass the ovary or by a stem?  I ask because my growth is on the inside of the ovary, which dermoids do grown inside, so I am trying to work out what I have by process of elimination.  I know there is still a small risk dermoids can be cancerous.  Since my wait for the second surgery, I have been getting backache and every stomach churn I imagine its spreading.  

I know I have not been diagnosed, and you ladies (from stories I have read) seem the most wonderful people in coping with this disease.  But the waiting for surgery, its just making me ill with worry. I had my bloods done which was fine, but I know these are not accurate -- false positives/negatives etc.  I am 34 years old.

I found out my Grandma had pelvic radiation therapy in the 1950's and a full hysterectomy, nobody knows why she had this exactly, other than she had server backache, but the fact she had radition therapy suggest she must have had some kind of pelvic cancer.  Although she did live until she was 82, but no one knows what the radiation therapy was for.  So this concerns me also.

Hope someone has some advice.

Kind Regards
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hi i really feel for you nd i can see your fer by reading your post i really only can say that when they dont know they call it  mass but it dosent men cancer ,i had all that yellow fluid but its great news that it was beigen ,all i rember ws they showed me a picture fter my op of my ovary and it was all swollen and black as it had died and they showed me a pic of the healthy ovary nd it was as you described yours dont know if it was any help but i am sure everything will turn out fine other ladies might have better advice keep strong we are all here for you x
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I am upset that any doctor would try to resolve a 10 cm cyst the way they did.  Not only that, they misdiagnosed the type of cyst. That said, it can still be benign. Waiting 2 weeks for surgery can feel like 2 years of waiting and your anxiety can build to the point you make yourself sicker than you are. Instead focus on getting errands done, prepping your home for your recovery, picking up some good books or movies to occupy your time and your mind, but stop dwelling on the what if's. There have been no indicators that this is cancer, so try not to think the worst. Basically what happened is the fluid was removed and the solid remained and now that has to be removed. The leakage risk is greater if the cyst ruptured during aspiration and I do not think that occurred. Have you been given the option to be referred to a gynecologist/oncologist for the surgery? They are much better surgeons for cysts if a person has access to them.
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Hi Michelle, thanks for your response, no I haven't been referred to an oncologist. I'm not sure if my gyno may already be one because I know he is the head gyno within the clinic and he has treated people with cervical cancer. But then I really question why he drained it when my original ultrasound showed it contained low level echoes. However everyone tells me he has a good rep and he has been doing this for 30 yrs. He said he took a conservative approach rather than just take it all because we are trying for a baby, now the scan is showing solid, he wants to do laportomy so he can feel the ovary for any good tissue to salvage as even with a bit of tissue the ovary will  survive. Personally, I just want him to take it all, only because I've read so much about malignant transformation in a dermoid that I've scared myself. It didn't rupture during the aspiration but I worry cells will leak through the puncture hole. Unless it re seals itself.  It will be 8 weeks in total from my keyhole to the open surgery. Originally  I was turned around in 2 weeks, then they waited 5  weeks for my scan to check it after my keyhole, then 3 weeks from my second op from the scan, due to the Xmas period, he couldn't get me in quick.  I'm scared when I'm opened up alsorts will be found, the internet can be bad for making people worse when reading about conditions. I'm in the UK and they turned me round quickly at first, now they don't seem to be.
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Hey there, kid.  Take a deep breath and try to clear your head and relax.  
Now, the first thing you need to do is make certain you are having a gyn/oncologist at your side during your surgical procedure.  They are the ones trained for just such a situation as you are in......having such a person at your side greatly increases the success rate if debulking is required.....that doesn't mean I think you have cancer.....it just means you need to get it right this time.....get the specialist you should have been referred to in the first place.  Please do let us know how things turn out.
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Hi Dian, thanks for your comments, I have seen alot of yours and Michelles posts with great advice.  I am on the NHS (in the UK) and my gyno doesnt think its cancer they wont refer me to a specialist, I was told that they wont biopsy the cyst until after the operation (they wont be doing a freeze sample during the op, thats how they do it here in the UK).  I did request to go private and pay, but they said the length of time to wait for surgery was the same (3 weeks) because of the xmas period.I think I just need to breathe slowly, its harrowing and I just want it out now xx
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