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Waiting on CT results

I am 29 and have been experiencing excruciating pain during BM's for around a year.  Around December I started bloating out pretty bad and have a day or so a week where I feel extra tired. I am so scared that it is cancer because that is what people say to watch for - pain, bloating, tired and my results come back Tuesday.  Has anyone had these symptoms and it wasnt cancer?
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hugz mama ... you're symptoms are very similiar to mine ... i dont have a dx yet i meet with the surgeon tomorrow ... we are both in the waiting / screening phase and i admit it is nerve wracking at times but please try to put it to the back of your mind and count your blessings with your little ones i will continue to pray for u to have peace
love sharon
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Many women on here have had the same symptoms as you have and it has not been cancer. I am sure that they will respond to your posting.  Both to you and to Sharon2714, hang in there waiting for your results, which I know is incredibly hard, and try to remember that most cysts are benign.  Let us know when you get some answers.

PS: I had all your symptoms and went to the ER in June, diagnosed with appendicitis and when they operated, found out that in addition to the appendix, I also had a scarred and blocked intestine. Performed surgery to remove it.  Now I am home recuperating and still have to go see the doctor for my cysts.  

Let us know!
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Hi , your symptoms could be due to many things , most cysts as Colleen says are benign (95%) . Lots of women have problems that are due to other gynaecological things that aren,t cancer . Try not to worry too much because the odds are in your favour .

Take care and let us know how you get on . Good luck , Angie
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I had the same symptoms....started in around December - January, bloating, feeling of heaviness in my abdomen, felt like I was in my 4th month of pregnancy..also vague pelvic pain in extending into groin and very increased constipation....so after an ultrasound determined there was a small ovarian cyst and a small fibroid....I had a laparoscopy almost 3 weeks ago....gyn removed the fibroid which was sticking up on the backside of my uterus...very much explained alot of my symptoms, the "cyst" turned to be a massive collection of adhesions (a cyst that probably burst)...so that explains the rest of my symptoms... adhesions were lysed.... so now 3 weeks post all my pre-op symptoms have subsided....  so the bottom line is, it could be anything...it is easy to think the worst (and I did)....and the waiting is the worst part....so now 2 more days for you then maybe your mind will be put at ease...so just relax, take a deep breath and think positive thoughts....and let us know...
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Hi there.  I very much had the same symptoms - nausea, bloating (looked 5 months pregnant and couldn't fit into clothes), pain all over abdomen, tired, leg pain, urinary troubles, BM troubles and gas.  I am now 4 weeks post op from having a grapefruit sized fluid filled cyst and my right ovary and tube removed.  Life is good again.  I went through the worry like you too and was much relaxed by the time I had surgery after learning from the ladies here.  Good luck and I am sure all will be fine.

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    Just wanted to remind you to let us know how things go for you Tuesday. As the other ladies have said, there are so many things that could explain that.. Good luck and keep us posted,

Take care,
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Thank you so much for your encouraging words.  I will post tomorrow when I get home from my appointment.  
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I just heard back from the nurse that there wasnt anything unusual about the CT scan... but I still need to see the doctor for a follow up Wednesday.  Has anyone been told its o.k. over the phone and then told differently at the visit?  
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No and it looks as though you don't have ovarian cancer.  Be happy!
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No, they wouldn't do that.. Don't go borrowing trouble !!! as Teresa said "Be happy" .. relax and now you can get a decent night's sleep !!

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I am truly happy... Just nervous because my pelvic glands were swollen again today and I had the same severe pain in my abdomen.  I am 90% at ease - just still feeling sick.  Wondering what it could be.
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Just try to relax till Wednesday!. I know that is hard to do.. In the meantime, write down all of your questions so you won't forget them .. Hopefully your Dr. will be able to shed some light on all of this..

Again--- let us know,
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O.K. :)
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Glad to hear you got some good news. I agree with the others on next week and the follow-up appointment. Good time to ask questions and hopefully build some trust with this Health Care provider.

Take care,

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