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Welcome to the Ovarian Cyst Community - Read This Before Posting

We are so glad you joined our community!

We know you must be worried at the thought of having an Ovarian Cyst.  Ovarian cysts can be pretty scary along with the pain and other symptoms that can often accompany them.

This forum is answered by women who also have had cysts.  We are not Doctors, so the advice given is based only on what we have experienced.

Now that you have been welcomed, and if you're ready to post your question, please start a new thread to ensure your question won't be missed!

Be sure to stop by our Health Pages which you might find helpful.  They're over in the top right corner.   Here you can find information about types of cysts, symptoms, helpful web sites, and other information we share with the Ovarian Cancer forum.

Please go to "My MedHelp" if you have created a profile.  This is on the top line of all the pages and is indicated by a red heart.  You'll see different things available such as photo albums, journals, notes, private messages, and themes (such our recent Ovarian Cancer Awareness month theme which is teal coloured).  These are all available to you, and it helps us know a little more about you.   When answering your question we like to know where you're from, how old you are, and whether you are pre or post menopausal.  Treatment can really vary based on your answers.

MedHelp also has some very helpful trackers.  There are all kinds - pain, headaches, weight, sleep, water, exercise, etc.  Here is a link to set them up http://www.medhelp.org/land/health-trackers.  We hope you enjoy them and can make use of them in your daily life.  

For questions where we can't help you do look to our Expert Forums where you can ask experienced doctors about your issues and concerns or look at the helpful videos that are available.  The Symptom Checker, drug identifier, drug information and glossary can be very informative.  See these under the Health Topics area in the top menu.

If you have any problems navigating around the site, or with making your profile, please feel free to send either MarieMichele or myself a private message, and we'll do our best to help you!

Your Community Leader,

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I have resigned as Community Leader.  My new occupation working for private investigators leaves me no time to be here and I feel as though I have contributed all that I can in the years I have been here.  If you would like to be a community leader, or can recommend an exceptional woman who has given helpful responses on a consistent basis here in this forum, please send me a message and I will be sure to assist with the recommendation process.
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I am sad to report that Hopeshell is no longer a co-community leader of this forum.  I am very grateful for the time and advice she has given to our community and wish her well.  You will be missed!
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Trudie and I will do our best to help you all but remember we do not have all the answers.  No doctors visit this forum.  Only concerned fellow patients that have been though this ordeal already!

Please be patient as well.  The questions come fast and furious and sometimes it's much more complicated than our personal knowledge.

Keep in mind a few things:

PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome is NOT the same as an ovarian cyst problem.  It is a separate disorder and there is a separate forum to discuss how this problem is managed.  We do not know much about it ourselves.

Ovarian Cancer - also a very complicated disease to diagnose and treat.  There is an ovarian cancer forum where some of the most remarkable ladies in the world can help you.  There is also an expert forum where doctors answered a select number of questions.

Endometriosis and any cysts that are really associated with endometriosis - Please check the endometriosis forum.  This is also a separate condition from ovarian cysts.

There is also a hysterectomy forum and a women's health forum for general questions.

Best wishes to everyone.  Remember, any pelvic problems should be checked FIRST by a top gynecologist, not a general physician (if you have this option).  Get ultrasound tests before submitting to more harmful tests like CT scans.
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