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What happens after losing an ovary and fallopian tubes?

Hello. 4 days ago i had surgery to remove a cyst from my right ovary. My right ovary and both fallopian tubes were also removed. I am having overwhelming anxiety and depression because im so afraid that this will change who i am. Does anyone know if my hormones will change? Am i losing my mind?
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Hi! I had my right ovary and tube removed 9 days ago due to a cyst. I have the same worries as you about the hormones. I’ve been very anxious although the past couple of days have been a bit better. I was told my remaining ovary should keep me going hormone wise, I just hope the consultant was right!! I’ve got an incredibly bloated tummy which I wasn’t expecting and it doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller which I’m concerned about.
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I've been reading ALOT of articles about this and most of them say that the one ovary should take over, so hopefully thats true. The swelling in the tummy seems to be common, i read some articles where the ladies were still swollen after 6 weeks! I dont seem to have that much swelling but its hard to tell because i had a baby recently and i still have all that extra flab
Hi! I really hope the articles you’ve read are correct about the other ovary taking over...I think I’m in the peri menopause stage but I’m not ready to be flung into full blown menopause symptoms!! So sorry you’ve had to have surgery so soon after having a baby. Really  hope you’re able to rest a little bit to recover. My tummy definitely looks like it did just after I had my children, I can’t bear trying on my jeans as I know they won’t do up...I weighed myself this morning too and have put on a lot of weight in the last week
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I am sorry you both ended up losing an ovary. It may affect your hormone levels. If you experience menopausal symptoms, you may want to consider taking hormones since an earlier or surgical type menopause increases your risk for a number of health problems.

I hope your recovery goes well and you aren't affected by the loss of your ovary.
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Many thanks for your comment. I’ll definitely look into hrt if I get menopause symptoms, my mum took it and said it was amazing. The advice on here has been wonderful looking through the old threads of people going through the same thing. Out of interest do you know when it’s ok to drive again? I’m not very sore although it gets a bit twingey if I do too much and I’ve been relying on other people to do the school run for me but if I could drive I feel ready to start doing again. It’s a bit too far to walk at the moment especially with my very rotund tummy!
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