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What to expect: septated right ovarian cyst

Hi, I had an ultrasound done for abnormal menstrual bleeding and they found that I had a septated right ovarian cyst that is 5.5x4.7x4.9 cm large, minimal fluid in the cul de sac, and a thickened cystic endometrial lining with a significant amount of vascular flow, I have another ultrasound coming up and I was just curious what all of this means and what would be the next step if this cyst is still there? Is this cyst large? Am I at any risk of this cyst being malignant? Thank you!
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I am sorry you are dealing with this. Most ovarian cysts are benign and resolve on their own, no treatment needed. Your cyst is not that large. How thick is your uterine lining? It normally gets up to about 16mm. At what point in your cycle were you when you had the u/s?

Female organ removal surgeries (hysterectomy & oophorectomy) are grossly overused. Only about 10% are done for a cancer diagnosis.

From what I have read, when cysts get in the 7 to 9cm range or so is when they typically need to be surgically removed. If you do end up needing surgery, it is best to find a surgeon with good cystectomy skills so that you lose just the cyst and not your ovary. We need our ovaries (and uterus) our whole lives for good health.

Let us know the results of your next u/s and what your doctor says.
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Hi thanks for answering! I believe I was in my follicular phase during the U/S but I don’t know for sure because my doctor had just put me on birth control and my periods before bc were up to 40 days long. Also my lining is 22mm. I also forgot to mention that I’m 19 so idk if my age affects any of this but if that helps to put my results into perspective then I figured it might be helpful to include. I guess I’m just nervous because I’m so young and I never really expected to deal with this. Thank you again!
With a longer cycle, it would seem that your lining would build up more than the norm. Hopefully, bc will normalize everything. Do keep us posted.
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The ovarian cyst is complex and somewhat moderate to large in size and warrants follow up imaging, either repeat US in few weeks, or alternatively MRI pelvis with and without contrast. Thickened endometrium is indeterminate/suspicious, possibly due to endometrial hyperplasia or cancer, which can be further evaluated with endometrial biopsy/tissue sampling. You should follow the recommendations of your doctor. Good luck!
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