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bilateral polycystic ovarian disease

what is bilateral polycystic ovarian disease with a maturing follicle in the left ovary?

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Good response Sharon!  Ambrr keep in mind that MedHelp also has a PCOS forum that can help you in this area too.
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sorry it took so long to get to ur post
bilateral polycystic ovarian disease with a maturing folicle in the left ovary means ...
bilateral = both sides
poly =  many
cystic = cysts (just a word and nothing bad is meant by it woman produce one to two cysts once a month to release ova for fertilization)
ovarian = pertaining to the ovaries
disease = something that should not be happening

maturing follicle in the left ovary is exactly what happens near ovulation

PCOS = most times women produce one functional cyst per month ... polycystic ovaries produce too many and at times can cause pain and other symptoms including (commonly) infertility .. on a scan they resemble a bunch of grapes

a lot of women who are undergoing fertility treatments also become polycystic (hence the high prevalance of multiple births)

google it
there are tons and tons of articles about it

now the bigger question is ... why did u ask ??

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