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cysts and fibroids treatment

Hello  i couldnt find my original question i have had a transvag ultrasound and now an mri I wont get answers till April 15.  I had novasure ablation done about 8 years ago. I now have cysts on both ovaries the right being complex and totally encasing the ovary. I also have fibroid in my uterus. Does this mean a Hysterectomy?
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If the cyst continues to grow you could have just the cyst removed which is called a cystectomy. Even though it encases the ovary, a surgeon with good cystectomy skills should be able to remove just the cyst allowing you to keep your ovary and its hormones that are essential to good health. Studies show that both ovaries as well as the uterus are important our whole lives for good health and well-being. These links are helpful -
http://www.overy.org/ (Ovaries for Life)
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There should be no need for a hysterectomy. Fibroids are very common and usually don't need any sort of treatment. If you have heavy or irregular bleeding, that can be treated with medication. And if the fibroid is large and pressing on organs such as your bladder, there is a surgery to remove JUST the fibroid (myomectomy) thereby leaving your uterus and its many lifelong functions intact.

Most ovarian cysts resolve on their own. It can be hard to tell if a cyst is truly complex or multiple simple cysts. How large are the cysts? Ovaries are very small so "totally encasing the ovary" still may not be that large. Do you have a copy of the ultrasound report?
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I do not have periods since i had an ablation done 8 yrs ago to remove lining.  Yes i have ultra sound report largest of the 3 cyst on left is 1.9 the right one that encompass the ovary is 7.
Also let me say i do not want to go on birth control as i have tried multiple kinds with no luck of helping which is why i had ablation done
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