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pelvic sonogram

what does this mean
Findings Heterogeneous myometrium is demosnstrated with uterus measuring 10.7 x 6.6 cm in perpendiular diameters.  there is a mass likely a fibroid involving the anterior aspect of the uterus and endometrial canal measuring 2.7 cm in widest diameter.  vascular supply into this focal lesion identified.

normal left ovary.  Right ovary with a remnant of a hemorrhagic cyst measuring approximately 2 cm in diameter as well as a vascular mass measuring approximately 1.3 cm in diameter.  no adnexal mass is seen otherwise.  no free fluid in the cul de sac.  impression small uterine fibroid reaching 2.7 cm in widest diameter.  normal left ovary.  tgwo right ovarian lesions one likely remnants of a hemorrhagic cyst and the second a vascular lesion measuring approximately 1.3cm in widest diameter.  please correlate clinically at this respect.
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All seems ok except the cyst with the blood supply needs to be monitored closely.  Perhaps your doctor can order a CT scan to gain more information about this cyst.  It is very small at this point and so watching and waiting will likely be the recommendation.  Most cysts do go away on their own in time.  But, malignant cysts do often present with a vascular supply.  You don't mention your age.  But, postmenopausal cysts of this type are more concerning that if your premenopausal.  I would definitely push to have a repeat us in few weeks or a CT scan, just to be on the safe side.  Early detection is the key for ovarian cancer survival!  Please keep us updated on how you are doing! :)

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I agree with Marie.  We can't diagnose you as we are not doctors.  The cyst that has remnants means that you once had a cyst that is shrinking and there is a little bit of the cyst left.  Your left ovary is normal (WOO-HOO) and you have a fibroid in your uterus.  Usually, a cyst does not have to be removed unless it reaches about 5cm, is complex (solid and fluid components), or it is causing a great deal of pain (I do not think they would remove a cyst this small, but if it is solid, they may).  Have they tried putting you on birth control to shrink the cysts and to try and keep you from getting more?  Have you seen your doctor yet?  

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I am not a radiologist or a doctor.  All I can decipher from this is that you have a fibroid in the uterus, and a normal left ovary.  On the right ovary, a former cyst, and a 1.3cm current cyst (that has bloodflow to it?)  but no description as to whether it could be simple or complex.  The size itself is not worrisome.  A medical professional should give you a plain English description of what all this means.
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