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pelvic ultrasound

hi i was just wondering if anybody has ever had a pelvic ultrasound.The problem is that ive been having severe bouts of lower right pain then lower back pain also with occasional cramps in my tummy, ive had this now 6 months or more and the pain is really dibilitating in my lower right side to the extent i had to go to ER twice,i thought it was my appendix but no one has an idea.so yesterday i went to see an geanocologist consultant and he gave me a pelvic ultrasound one that were he inserted the scanner in my vagina,it did show up my womb and ovaries and he said there was no sign of cysts or anything just that my womb looked abit grey.SO he said hes gonna bring me into hospital and do a coloscopy were he would look further in my area below.what i was wondering was if i had ovarian cancer or cysts ,would he have been able to tell yesterday doing that pelvic scan?im just baffled as to know why he wants to put me to sleep and look further but said no signs of cysts.SHOULD I WORRY?the pain is also accompanied by alot of constipation and nausea so im really at a lost cause.any suggestions would be grateful.OH can i just state that i have in previous yrs had pre cancerous cells on my smear tests which were burnt away 6 yrs ago.

anyone have any familar pains like mine right now the pain is again  here lower right pelvic side pain its sharp pain.

thanks in advace
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I wouldn't panic.  Your doctor is being thorough which is good.  Obviously there has to be some reason for the pain.  The only way to diagnose ovarian cancer is through a biopsy but if he saw no masses on the ovaries, I wouldn't worry about it.

If everything is ok, you might want to go to a gastroenterologist and look into the possibility of irritable bowel or something like that.

Just be glad that you will soon have answers.  It could be anything, and most conditions are minor and benign.
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I had what sounds like similar pain to you but when they did the ultrasound they found a cyst on my ovary. This pain lasted 5 months until my pain was 11/10 on their scale of 1-10 and I had to get surgery to remove it. My pain went undaignosed for about 3 months. If your ultrasound didn't show a cyst then I wouldn't think it would be any type of ovarian issue. From what I know ovarian cancer isn't just there without a cyst. Be patient and it is good to have a thorough doctor. Good luck!

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IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can give the symptoms you describe.  The ultrasound would have shown any problems with your ovaries and uterus.  So now the Dr can look inside your uterus and see if anything is going on in there.  Try not to worry until/unless they tell you something is definitely wrong!  I know it's easier said than done when there's pain involved, but take some hot baths and try to relax.

Try upping your fiber on a permanent basis (prunes, benefiber, metamucil, etc) and increase your water intake and perhaps some of your pain will subside.
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