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Do I have PTSD?

Hi, I'm 16 and recently I got high off of K2 with some friends and was having hallucinations that I was being fingered by my father.. this hallucination continued for almost the whole time I was high. I don't usually get high, but I'd been high before and I don't usually hallucinate.. I don't remember most of my childhood and I have a lot of the symptoms that are commonly linked to sexual abuse. I see a therapist but don't want to talk to her about this issue because I'm still not sure whether or not I actually was sexually abused.. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding what the chances that I was sexually abused and have PTSD or not?
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There's no better person to talk to than your therapist. She can get to the bottom of your situation by you being completely open and honest with her. Do you feel your PTSD is from your childhood? You can't fix what what you won't acknowledge. Everything you tell her is confidential, and keeping things from her won't hurt her, but it also won't help you. If you are seeing her already you must want help, and are open to receiving it. Make her job a little easier by letting her know all your concerns. god luck.
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i would talk to a therapist maybe a psychiatrist :)
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