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How do I cope and move on

Hello a couple years back I had a hiv scare I took at least 15 hiv test all we're negative  and lost thousands but I was convinced I still had it but time passed I realized that I don't have it but I still suffer
From depression I don't leave my room I quit my job I have serious trauma
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if you feel you must go see a doctor they can prescribe a med for depression k you are not alone I had hiv scare when I dated a girl that was a needle-user bout 1997 so I get tested every 8 months which is the grace period to detect HIV
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Sorry for what you’ve been through. I know the feeling- since a rape I feel diseased and no doc can explain besides high risk hpv. Knowing I now have the hpv is awful. I feel bumps but all doctors say it’s not warts. I don’t feel normal or myself either and the whole thing turned my life upside down. To point where it feels I don’t have a life. I have severe ptsd and anxiety- I too find it hard to leave the house. Thinking of you
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