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Is my panic attacks from watching my dog get shot? Could I have ptsd?

My dog Chaos got shot and killed right in front of me because someone was scared of him. Is it the cause of my panic attacks and not being able to sleep? Could I possibly have ptsd from it?
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You may have it if it becomes  chronic side effects see a doctor soon
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Its helpful to check with a doctor you trust before jumping to conclusions by diagnosing yourself.    Its important not to jump to conclusion.     If you 're not satisfied with the medical professionals conclusions you can see if you want to seek a second opinion.
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I think that this is traumatic. And a traumatic event can trigger ptsd. For something to be a disorder though, it has to regularly impact your life.  If enough time has passed and you are having symptoms, not sleeping, etc. then it is time to ask your doctor about it.  And regardless of a diagnosis of PTSD, a counselor or therapist or psychologist is a great asset and resource for recovering from something that has been really painful as this clearly would be.

I'm very very sorry.  Seeing your pet shot is like seeing a family member or loved one killed.  That's how many feel about their pets (I do) so this would be emotionally devastating.  

Are you feeling any better now with some time passed?  
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