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Is this forever?

I was with my boyfriend for 4 months. He suffers from PTSD, TBI, and depression. And things were great, we always had the best times. A few weeks ago he had some trauma memories since it was a week some of his close friends were killed in Afghanistan when he was over there. He self destructed, told me I didn't deserve him, that he was a waste of time and that he was always going to be broken and a mess, etc. And that was also emotionally numb.

I gave him his space since the fourth of July was coming up. Yesterday we ended up breaking up because he couldn't handle not being the man he thought I deserved and how he needed to get help, and now he's seeing a therapist twice a week and getting help but doesn't plan on talking to anyone in the near future.

I guess i just want to know... is there a chance that MAYBE if we take some space, and he works this all out that maybe in a few months we can talk again? Has anyone else went through this?
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I have all those illnesses but I never broke up I am dating bearsfan1970 our two year mark is Thursday try to keep in touch with him and let me know :)
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