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PTSD after being jumped

Alright so about 10 months ago I was jumped. I was hit in the head by two people 60+ times , had my eyeballs pushed in & was dragged by a car. I didn't think much of it for some reason (plus I really Dont like hospitals) so I didn't do anything about it. A month later (I had a substanse abuse problem for about two years) I was smoking marijuana & I had a freak out episode where I felt like something had burst in the back of my head & fluid leaked all down my body. No , it wasn't the weed that made me freak out , I had been smoking everyday at the time , I'm not sure what it was. Also keep in mind I was doing heavy phycidelics & other drugs besides weed (not at the same time I freaked out but in the same month). Then , for a month I had symptoms such as dripping in my head , pressure in my head , pinched nerves , post nasal drip , OCD , constant headaches , constant severe panic attacks , PCD ,insomnia , anxiety (need in mind I had already had anxiety & panic attacks before this) , restless legs , ear popping & ringing , fear of death , derealization & severe depression. I couldn't even get out of bed for the whole month. I had a CT scan , MRI & EEG done but no one could find the problem.. I finally admitted my self to an inpatient facility , detoxed & got put on some meds & been clean since. The doc told me I had PTSD from getting jumped & that's why I was having all those physical & phycological issues. Also I can not watch someone get hit in the head or hear loud anymore without freaking out.  Ten months later I am finally getting over everything , am on half a pill a day & out of those symptoms only experience constant ear popping , anxiety & frequent headaches. My fear at the moment is this- I had just gone to a concert a few days ago & some guy punched me in the head about 5 times. I am now experiencing dripping in my head , pressure & severe headaches again. I'm not sure if this is an in my head PTSD & hypochondriac sort of thing or something I should really be worried about but I would honestly rather die then go through what I did 10 months ago again... Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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OK, so a few things (and please know there is no judgement here...)
1) Many studies as of late have shown Marijuana use to treat the symptoms of PTSD/Anxiety/Panic Disorders have had positive effects. That said, you've got to stop the other psychedelics. They can have disastrous effects to the brain and its function.
2) You need an MRI...now. The "drip" in your head could be the result of a cranial hemorrhage or CSF leakage cause by Traumatic Brain injury. Drop whatever your doing, go to your Primary Care Physician, tell them EVERYTHING, and get medical treatment.
3) I can't stress #2 enough.
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this is true I have traumatic brain injury from an car accident I had an mri and cat scan
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I have been off all drugs for 9 months now so any problems related to that area are arising from my past drug use.. not much I can do about it now. Every time I try to smoke pot anymore it never feels like how it used to... I just freak out inside my head. & I would go to the doctor but the thing to keep in mind it this isn't the first time this has happened to me.. 10 months ago I had similar & a wider variety of symptoms , had an mri done & everything was perfectly fine. I thought it was an CSF leak myself at the time. I might go tho just to be safe... Everyone else thinks I'm stupid for worrying this much tho. Thank you so much for you input , I appreciate that you took time out of your day to help more than you know!!
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