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PTSD in children

Evening everyone. Just found this community and am wondering if anyone has any experience with children who have ptsd? My son was diagnosed almost 2.5 years ago (just before turning 9) and haven't been able to find much information or support as no one seems to have any understanding of what it is like dealing with. It expresses itself differently than in adults (though in some ways similar). We have been lucky to now have a service dog for him which has changed a lot of his life.
Anyone out there going through this with their little one as well?
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try NAMI I'm a member too
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It depends on the individual case. Thank goodness my little ones are not dealing with this situation but I am 29 and was diagnosed just a little bit older than your son due to a traumatic experience. It is very difficult for anyone to cope with these issues but, in my experience, so much harder as a child that has not fully learned their own coping mechanisms. I hope you can find help for your son and I am here to talk anytime you need. :-)
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