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Struggling to Eat

Does anyone else with PTSD have a hard time remembering to actually eat? I put it off in the morning because it just makes me feel sick and then the day is over and I haven't eaten. I've dealt with bulimia and anorexia in my past, but this is different. I just don't feel hungry. My family worries that I'm regressing, but it's not an intentional thing. The more stressed I get, the more I forget to eat.

No judgement please..
I have a 2 1/2 year old son. I worry more about my lack of eating now than I ever have because I'm so worried about being able to take care of my son. I feel guilty when I eat *sometimes* because we are in a difficult financial situation (it will improve once my husband graduates in a couple months). I feel like I'm eating the food for him, and I only need the bare minimum to get by. I will eat his leftovers after I'm sure he's full, etc. I catch myself thinking "half-rations for me and enough to fill up the others". Now don't get me wrong, we have food. We can afford to buy what we need plus a bit extra, so there really is no true reason for me to feel this way.
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you should not feel guilty about satisfying yourself eat be strong so you can help your family grow your bebe counts on it I use to feel guilty too now I'm a proud survivor and lucky to be alive although I still carry the pain PTSD ruled my life now I do hope this helps k
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I have a brain injury so I forget to eat too
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